Defense attorneys in Oath Keeper case file motion to Reveal identities of federal informants – IOTW Report

Defense attorneys in Oath Keeper case file motion to Reveal identities of federal informants


Biden’s Department of Justice admitted on Friday, via a motion for a protective order, that there were federal informants with the FBI working within the Oath Keepers organization. Members of that group have been charged with “seditious conspiracy” stemming from the Capital riot on January 6.  

Now, as the trial of Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes and four co-conspirators is set to begin on Tuesday, attorneys for the defendants have filed a counter motion, saying that “none of the [confidential human sources] provided evidence of guilt on the part of the Oath Keepers as an organization, or the individual defendants in this case.” 

“The Defendants are before this Court with their liberty interests at stake,” the filing reads. “The Government has paid individuals to gather information and evidence about the Oath Keepers and the Defendants,” some of that material has been used to build a case against the defendants. “Although the Government has disclosed to the defense—only after being ordered to do so by this Court—the activities of five CHSes [confidential human sources], it has communicated to defense counsel that only one will be called to testify as a witness at trial.” MORE

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  1. Good luck with that effort. Our 3rd world leaders will gen up some reason why it can’t happen and the 3rd world court will agree.

  2. What he said with an added, not a chance in hell. As a national based terrorist group we demand to know so we can off the mfer’s asap.

  3. The traitorous FBI is a rogue agency used for political purposes.
    Paid Confidential informants led by the FBI to instigate and direct. Personally, felonious snitches should be prosecuted and sent to prison, as should their handlers.

    How many J6 innocent people are in prison based upon traitorous paid informants, the corrupt DOJ and FBI??

  4. ^^^ Good question. But you are asking the wrong person. Ask Donny for he sent them there to Raise holy living hell on J6. But heck your asking, sure. We have a whole list of current members. How bout we pick out some names & call them our informants.

  5. “Right to confront witness

    The Sixth Amendment provides that a person accused of a crime has the right to confront a witness against him or her in a criminal action. This includes the right to be present at the trial (which is guaranteed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 43). As well as the right to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

    Constitutional Basis and Purpose
    The Confrontation Clause found in the Sixth Amendment provides that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” The Clause was intended to prevent the conviction of a defendant upon written evidence (such as depositions or ex parte affidavits) without that defendant having an opportunity to face his or her accusers and to put their honesty and truthfulness to test before the jury.”

  6. Ray Epps should be one of the informants/provocateurs called up in front of the court…….and put on trial.


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