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Defining “Woke” For the Easily Offended (and Stupid)

The Federalist

The term started to increase in prevalence in the early-to-mid-2010s back when “Black Lives Matter” referred to a hashtag, not an organization, and when the hot-button social issue du jour was the legalization of homosexual marriage. Despite its original meaning, used in common parlance simply to refer to personal vigilance, “woke” quickly took on social and political meanings. Like how every other community uses specific language to signify in-group allegiance, “woke” was used to inculcate oneself among the broader cause of the burgeoning leftist cultural hegemony and, by extension, the Democrat Party. Continues

3 Comments on Defining “Woke” For the Easily Offended (and Stupid)

  1. There’s a leftist nutjob on a political discussion board I frequent who say “woke” is basically the golden rule. That’s their new angle…..bunch of Orwellian tactics.

  2. Haile Selassie, Bob Marley, Third Eye Blind. All ancient history to the wokesters of today. I doubt there’s a functional pineal gland in the lot. They’d be a lot less yappy if there were.

  3. Woke is when you have to identify yourself as disagreeing with something that you disagree with, especially when you KNOW you are in the minority, but it will get you more subscribers and more hits, so will increase your income, despite you hating capitalism…

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