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Defund Conservatism, Inc. to Make America Great Again

American Greatness: If we truly want to win, it’s probably time to re-examine the entire premise of the “conservative movement” and its funding.

It was fascinating to watch Tucker Carlson call out Heritage Foundation President Kay James for her recent op-ed at Fox News. James added her voice to the politically correct chorus, informing us that racism is “a cancer in America” and “our Achilles’ Heel that has afflicted us for 400 years.” Some people, myself included, would like to know, who are these racists James speaks of? Are they the people on the Heritage board who appointed her? Are they people who work for Heritage or are in the conservative movement, even people who identify with the America First agenda? She should name names.

To be fair, James condemned the rioting, but she sounded more like an adherent to the questionable New York Times “1619 Project” than a leading conservative who is supposed to believe in the fundamental principles of liberty and opportunity for all to which our nation has cleaved for centuries.

Those principles at one time were core to the mission of the Heritage Foundation. Now its leadership can’t seem to utter them, let alone espouse them.

Today some people, myself included, are rightly asking: if Heritage can’t support the most basic tenets of America’s founding and affirm its rise to exceptionalism, what is the point of Heritage at all? They claim to be conservatives, but what have they conserved? Where are their victories?

Their own list of alleged accomplishments is amusing, to say the least. Heritage claims credit for the list of President Donald Trump’s judges—which is funny, as it is common knowledge among conservatives that the list was compiled, analyzed, and vetted by the Federalist Society at the direction of Leonard Leo and former White House Counsel Don McGahn. Heritage takes credit for being active in some policy issues during the Trump Administration, too. But for an institution that once prided itself on being the “think tank” of the Reagan Revolution, that’s not saying much.

Heritage Fostered Obamacare

What is more interesting—and telling—is what Heritage considers one of its greatest achievements in the past 20 years. Going back to 2003 this former bastion for the limited size of government brags about doubling in size, building an eight-story office edifice with a 230-person seat auditorium. More troubling than expanding its own footprint is its efforts to vastly expand the size and reach of the federal government by promoting and pushing ideas that are antithetical to conservative principles.

Look only at the famous—or infamous, depending on who you talk to—example of Heritage being one of the primary advocates of Romneycare, the godfather of Obamacare. Ed Feulner, former president of Heritage, vociferously denies it, but facts are pernicious things.
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  1. James has been having fb posts put up since her comments about racism just about every day to try to cover her stupid azz.
    She and the board who put her there have ruined another organization. Too many swamp creatures and RINO’s.

  2. I’m trying to find a republican pol who doesn’t cave to the left.

    I’m still looking.

    I give up.

  3. I get a few emails from Heritage each week which I have been ignoring. I think I’ll start giving them snarky replies.

    @Witarsted – – Why should I take a pay cut?

  4. Money is corrupting.
    This is why PFJT is so pure: he came into game with f.u. money, and owes his asention to no one in the swamp.
    Kay James seems personally ambitious.

  5. Every time I see a “woman of color” elevated to any position of prominence, my first reaction is that she is a token affirmative action hire. Yes, that is my implicit bias and I’m trying to work on that but 9 times out of 10 it proves valid, which in essence diminishes us all because meritocracy falls victim to identity politics.

    Even a cursory examination of James reveals her as a dyed in the wool bureaucrat, in essence, another swamp creature who’s singular accomplishment in life is living off the public dole, hardly laudatory and deserving of such a prestigious appointment.

    This is really sad because Heritage used to be the big dog, championing conservative tenets of American Exceptionalism, rugged individualism, free markets, effectively limited taxation, and a foreign policy that promoted democracy thru out the world.

  6. Heratage has become just like any other entity.
    It’s been bureaucratized, existing only for it’s own existence, forgetting it’s original core reason for existing

  7. @ Martin Looter King JUNE 12, 2020 AT 10:57 AM

    Here is one who is as solid as a rock:

    The eRepublicans in Bellevue, who run the Washington Republican Party weren’t having any of that and screwed him. The POS they ran was elected, but he is a thorough going snake in the grass who would just as soon dry shave the Republican base as not.

  8. Joined HF for several years. Didn’t renew a decade or more back when they hit me up when funds were low. I’ve occasionally thought I ought to renew. This is confirmation I should not. Another organization that once did good work that has done a 180˚ turnabout.

  9. I have to translate this for myself:

    Funding the Heritage Foundation is NOT funding Conservatism.

    Okay, then stop.

  10. Heritage is ands been for decades a liberal Republican org. One other big “Awards” is the Clare Boothe Luce.
    Clare is a liberal “Earth Day” supporter who may be indirectly responsible for millions of deaths from malaria. She also cuckolded her husband both at home/bed and in the office.
    She teamed up with Rachel of SILENT SPRING to get the Un to ban DDT almost 58 years ago. Malaria was almost gone in the world in ’62! Because of DDT! Today it kill thousands yearly!

    In addition to fucking many men other than her husband she screwed him in the office with Otto. He, like she , was a big government lefty. It took me almost 5 years to accept the fact that Time had gone “hard to port” in’60 but 1965 it was the lib mag it is today. But I still thought it was “conservative” with a few prog editors. I canceled my subscription in ’67; probably 5 years late!

    Were she here today she’d be a GWB girl.

  11. We can not defund Conservatism! Who, then, would we gladly pay today, to force feed us the entire Progressive sh!t sandwich, next Tuesday?


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