Defund Police Protesters Call Police When Car Rips Through Their Barricade

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  1. 😂😂😂

    Protesting on the I5. At night. Dressed in black. Splat. 😂😂😂

    Pending Darwin award.

  2. The guy who hit the protesters? Black. D’oh!

    I have a sinking feeling the Seattle is going to become unglued tonight. Thousands of rioters went to the mayors neighborhood again last night. Will likely do that again and I read tweets that they were going to protest waterfront houses via kayaks. There are some flag waving people in downtown Seattle currently. Protesters say “proud boys” but we’ll see I guess. Ugh.

  3. Dial ‘0’ for the number to 9-1-1.

    I wish more people would do this, or sit on a rooftop and pick them off with a sniper rifle. I am pissed that this has gone on for so long and ‘normal’ people have to tiptoe around this shit. We all f’ing matter! Enough already!

  4. …it’s not funny, it’s sad.

    Because the protesters CAN expect the police to defend them.
    Because Democrat mayors ORDER the police to defend them.
    Because the police WILL arrest anyone defending themselves from protesters.
    Because the police are still working for mayors and citizens who want them DEAD.


    …I’M not laughing…

  5. “Oh My God” – I am laughing at the absolute shock of the narrator that his protester privilege does not protect him from reality

    And the sad thing is I do not feel sorry for the people that were hit, I do not care, if local police can not or will not keep the roads open then keep running them over until they realize that their right to protest ends at my right to travel freely

  6. Hey CCNV, how about a three sniper team with overlapping fire that can take out about 10 to 20 of these little monsters? I say, pick off the white ones, they’re the most dangerous animals of them all.

  7. The driver probably will get charged. He could have slowed down and drove through the protesters at a slower rate and in today’s political climate, especially Seattle, he’ll probably get charged. In a sane society, the protesters who imitated bowling pins shouldn’t be allowed to sue him or her.

  8. When I was a very young child my parents taught me NOT TO PLAY IN TRAFFIC!!! I guess these stupid muthafu*kas didn’t have parents that cared enough to teach them that!

    So What was the BODY COUNT? High I hope.

    Somebody needs to market one of those James Bond style revolving licence plates!

  9. I plead guilty, (in my younger days), to being on the side of a ‘low learning curve’.

    I am no longer there.

    My ‘wait-n-see’ attitude has turned into; Shoot the mother-fuckers and let god sort them out.

  10. Sorry, but I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for these dipshits playing on the highway getting hit by someone. If you watch the driver avoid the van there was no way he could have known there were people standing on the highway behind the van. Doesn’t justify a hit & run, but I’m sure panic set in due to the event and the mob! These fukin Pinheads want to vilify the police, but look who they call when they need them! Whutta bunch of disingenuous lemmings!

  11. He did stop a little ways down the road, you could hear a gun shot and them about to pull him out. He took off again.

    I saw the picture of the two white women and neither looked like they were productive citizens, a couple of tattooed, blue hair and shaved head freaks.

  12. The younger one died, the media is reporting. Found this on FB:

    My heart is heavy as I come to my SW XC family. Early this morning my cousin was struck by a high-speed car as it drove into protesters in Seattle. I am not able to disclose their current condition at the moment, but they have been in critical condition since the incident with traumatic brain injuries. Their name is Summer Taylor. They are 24 years old. They use they/them pronouns. Today, they put their life on the line for Black lives.
    We have a GoFundMe page set up to support our family as we cover medical costs and other expenses. If you are my former teammate, a parent, or an alum from years passed, I am calling on you for your help. Please consider donating to Summer’s GoFundMe, linked here:
    Summer risked their life in demanding justice for all. This 4th of July, please honor them by spreading the message they defended at all costs: #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

    Here is the Go Fund Me(They’ve already raised over $40,000:
    On July 4th, Summer Taylor was participating in a peaceful protest for BLM in Seattle and was severely injured when a car drove into the crowd and struck them. They were rushed to Harborview Hospital and then to the ICU.

    Summer is an incredibly strong and independent spirit. They are a bright and caring person who’s presence elicits joy and laughter in others. Summer works at a veterinary clinic and takes pride in their community & supporting others.

    Please give what you can to support Summer through this traumatic event, and what could be a long road to recovery.

    As a friendly reminder, please remember to use they/them pronouns when referring to Summer Taylor. They would appreciate it.

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