“Defund The Police” Mural Spell-Checked in Milwaukee

Fox News

A “Defund the Police” mural outside Milwaukee’s City Hall was painted over by an anonymous group in an effort to show support for law enforcement but changed back to its original message Friday, according to media reports.

The mural was painted Wednesday to support the nationwide movement to divert funds from police departments toward schools and youth programs. It was later tampered with to spell out “Defend the Police,” with the “D” painted blue, the first “E” covered, and the “U” changed to an “E,” Urban Milwaukee reported. More

7 Comments on “Defund The Police” Mural Spell-Checked in Milwaukee

  1. Seems easy enough to change “Defund” to “Defend”. I’d like to see counter-graffiti done everywhere. Also to spray out the “v” from Black Lives Matter.

  2. “Let’s make this clear for them,” Wilbur said. “We don’t hate cops.”

    No, of course not; “Fuck the Police” is a sentiment of LOVE!

  3. Jethro JULY 5, 2020 AT 1:21 PM:

    An industrial-grade sand blaster would have been better, plus it can be used as a defensive weapon.


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