“Defund the Police” say wealthy celebrities with private security

Patriot Retort:

For years I’ve been talking about the Left’s habit of advocating a cause that ultimately backfires on them because of their habit of pushing too hard and too far.  I call it Operation Backfire.  Whatever their cause, it blows up in their face like a trick cigar because they just can’t help going too far.  Case in point, these imbeciles took a universally-agreed upon cause — “Justice for George Floyd” – and pushed it to the extreme – namely “Defund the Police.” And they did it in just one week.

Yeah, they’re actually demanding that municipalities “defund the police.”

Before you say, “But no sane government would do anything so stupid,” both Minneapolis and Los Angeles are actually considering it.

On Sunday the nitwits at the New York Times published an “opinion” piece co-written by a Yale doctoral candidate and a “strategist” for “Movement for Black Lives” demanding that police departments be defunded. Because everybody knows that social workers have the power to stop bullets. more

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  1. We don’t really need police, we have guns.

    And with no police to interfere, no reason to refrain from using them.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd just wait ’till they have to comply with sharia law!
    That’s when they’ll drop their anal beads…

  3. It is time to call those people and the rioters by the most common denominator possible. Be they Antifa, BLM, Barbra Streisand- just call them all “Never Trumpers”.

    This headline should read: “Defund the Police” say wealthy celebrity Never Trumpers with private security.

    Or “Rioting Never Trumpers burned down an Autozone in Mpls”.

    After all does not Joe Biden have people on his staff giving $ for the bail of these people? They want it they can own it. I’m calling all rioters “never Trumpers”. The Dems want to make this an issue in November I say they can own it.

  4. I’m for this too. DO IT. Who will pay the price for this? How long will it take for Vigilante Justice to take over. Stupid fucks.

  5. Who could have possibly seen this coming? If only we had a constitutionally protected right to a well regulated militia that guarantees the right of the people to be armed..

  6. Since I’m perfectly capable of “policing” my own property, paying taxes for police protection is a complete waste of money.

    LA is handling this though attrition; woefully undermanned to begin with, and resignations at an all-time high. No, they aren’t leaving law enforcement, they are lateraling to “red” cities, places where the locals respect them and allow them to do their jobs.

    These celebrities are such crap weasels, too stupid to understand that their privately paid security agencies do not have police officer powers, so when something happens rent-a-cops call the local PD.

    Do you think Target, Walmart, or Costco wants to open up a store where their goods are not protected by the police?

    Of course, it will never happen, the leftists need the most hand-holding, are the least capable of self-reliance, and are most in need of being told what to do by those in “authority”.

  7. Actually has been ongoing in NoCal for decades. There are several cities in the Friso area where very rich folk live that are protected by civilian “armies”; mostly former SEALS. Very expensive; but if you are really rich it is worth it.
    Naming names: San Mateo, Friso itself, Berkeley, San Jose….

    Very much like Bklyn. My sister lived in a Mafia area. Low crime! A moron knocked over a store. Next week he was in an alley with 2 broken legs!

    to me another sign of America heading in the wrong direction for 60 years.

  8. The do realize that private citizens are not bound by the constraints of the Constitution as the police are.

    “Miranda rights? We don’t need no steenking Miranda rights!”

  9. Considering all the damage Political Correctness and Affirmative Action has done to Portland, might as well start there. The dedicated troops will be offered new jobs plus relocation expenses and signing bonuses some place where they’ll be respected and appreciated. The PC and AA losers can move to San Francisco.

  10. an ol exJarhead

    I know a Protection outfit that contracts to Google, Microshit, Facebook, etc. All ex Rangers. They hate their clients. The joke always is if thing get tough enough, they are on their own. A little bit different than doing perimeter security, but I’m sure the sentiment is the same.

  11. “ Before you say, ‘But no sane government would do anything so stupid,’. both Minneapolis and Los Angeles are actually considering it.“

    Who said Minneapolis and LA had “sane government “?

  12. Rules of Engagement? We don’t need no stinking Rules of Engagement!!!
    You Loot, we shoot! That’s the only ROE we need!

  13. While we’re at it, kill all the lawyers.
    Close the universities.
    Ban movies.
    Eliminate government jobs.
    I can say stupid shit too.
    But these tread on their turf.

  14. With no police, what would happen? (Select all that apply. Incomplete list presented in no particular order or logic:)

    🔲 Muslims will kill Christians and Jews.
    🔲 Non-Christians will kill Christians.
    🔲 Christians will kill Muslims.
    🔲 Blacks will kill Whites.
    🔲 Whites will kill Blacks.
    🔲 Every home will have a wall around it like the Middle East.
    🔲 Stores will have impenetrable barriers and become hard to burn.
    🔲 Everyone will open carry.
    🔲 Conservatives will shoot Communists on sight.
    🔲 Homosexuals will get beat-up everywhere.
    🔲 Communists will kill most anyone.
    🔲 Shootouts will occur on the streets every day.
    🔲 Funeral services will be big business with ‘family discounts.’
    🔲 Every neighborhood will have it’s own gang.
    🔲 Gang warfare will be everywhere.
    🔲 Gangs of vigilantes will attack regular gangs.
    🔲 Most people will have at least one bodyguard.
    🔲 Bodyguards will routinely kill other bodyguards.
    🔲 Your bodyguard will kill you if you don’t pay him.
    🔲 Drugs will be cheap and plentiful.
    🔲 Businesses will move to heavily armed ‘safe zones.’
    🔲 The population of the U.S. will decrease rapidly.
    🔲 Politicians will be unable to enforce laws.
    🔲 Business contracts will be impossible to enforce without violence.
    🔲 All toddlers will play with guns and learn to shoot.
    🔲 Guns will become American’s #1 industry.
    🔲 If you’re a lousy shot, too bad, you’re dead.
    🔲 Hey, that’s life (and death) in the big city.
    🔲 Armed teachers will shoot their students, and sometimes, each other.
    🔲 Courts will disappear, as will lawyers. Lawyers will kill each other.
    🔲 Farmers will install large-scale weapons to protect their crops.
    🔲 People will wear bullet-proof vests everywhere.
    🔲 Stupid bullies in school will be eliminated by smart kids.
    🔲 The Stupid will die off as this is the only ‘fix’ for Stupid.

  15. BAD BRAD

    you are right! But I am referring to homes. One group of several in SM is W of Polhemus RD and N of De Anza Blvd. Ex SEALS HAVE BEEN PROTECTING THES HOMES FOR OVER 20 YEARS.



    That’s why I mentioned perimeter security. I doubt if they are living with.
    The guys I know are all class clowns. I’m shocked they can keep a client. Not because they don’t know their stuff.

  17. Minnesota Guv> Defund the police
    Minnesota business> Defund Minnesota.

    Businesses will leave by the hundreds and it is very hard to get them to return.

  18. Yipee, no more courts, lawyers, prisons, law makers, stop lights/signs, speed limits, law enforcement equipment and support bureaucrats! survival of the fittest and quickest!


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