Defunding Police Is Fringe. But Police Unions Do Need Reform.

PJMedia: Minneapolis tweeted out some true insanity Thursday night. According to a couple of local elected officials, they will “dismantle” the police department and do…something else. Whatever they do, it’s “overdue.”

How is something “overdue” when you don’t even know what it is, and no one was even talking about it two weeks ago?

Other cities are now looking at “defunding” their police departments, which is to say, they’re hearing very loud shouts from hard-left activists that they defund their local police. It’s an insane idea only supported by criminals and rich Hollywood celebrities who can buy their own personal security, (and don’t care about the rest of us) and maybe 5% of Americans — maybe — if you go by the Monmouth poll I tore to shreds yesterday. That poll found a strong majority are satisfied with the local police, while just 5% are “very dissatisfied” with them. The defund advocates would have to come from that 5%, and may not even constitute a majority of that tiny set. Let’s be generous and give them that whole 5%. And all the criminals. It’s still fringe.

Nevertheless, Minneapolis is “dismantling” its police and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti gutted some funding for that city’s police. That’s not quite the same as defunding, but it was done in the same spirit. Pretty much every large city will hear from advocates for defunding. They’re on the leftwing fringe, but who tends to vote in municipal elections?

Yeah. You can see the problem.

They’re virtue signaling to their base, and their base has a crazy idea that will destroy their cities. more

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  1. Buffalo NY had entire police emergency response team quit. Expect to see more of this and wait and watch until the politicians are calling through the flames begging for them back.

  2. “They’re virtue signaling to their base, …

    There lies the problem, their base.

    As long as they’re around the troubles will continue. Their numbers are increasing, not diminishing, and becoming more aggressive on a daily basis.

  3. Most unions endorse democrats. Is the police Union any different? I’d be surprised if prosecutors and judges didn’t seek their endorsements and campaign donations as well.

  4. Lazlo’s grand experiment:
    Quarantine a city’s cops for a week. Call it covid-de-escalation
    Just one week.
    All 911 calls routed to Community organizer groups.

    But seriously: Reform the unions and you can fix it all in one move

  5. Minneapolis is going too far with their Somalia thing.
    Maybe they can disband the Police Dept. and replace it with a KaRen Dept. Rioting is OK, but if you say or wear something the KaRen’s don’t agree with, you’ll get a ticket.
    KaRen Dept. will be made up of Persons of Color who identify as female…. for Diversity!

  6. Disbanding the Police will kill Blacks faster than Abortion…

    Probably the DNC Plan all along…..

  7. Police unions are no more or less corrupt than any other public sector union, they exist for the purposes of bettering the lives of their members, just like teacher unions who defend teachers who can’t teach, or prison unions who facilitate the continual employment of sadistic violent drug dealing guards.

    Public-sector unions and their Democrat enablers are responsible for the ticking timebomb of underfunded pension deficits that most states suffer from, several trillion by last count.

  8. Rich Taylor JUNE 6, 2020 AT 9:39 AM

    Public-sector unions and their Democrat enablers are responsible for the ticking timebomb of underfunded pension deficits that most states suffer from, several trillion by last count.

    Decades ago I could see they (the pensions we’re talking about) were impossible promises and enslavement of future workers.

  9. Unions were an important deal when they 1st began, improving life for millions of Americans and aiding in the growth a middle class. Now unions have become almost the exact opposite of what they were created to do. They’re little more than power hungry power brokers (as is the government) doing almost nothing more than feeding its elites and extending its control and fortunes. The last thing the USA needed was Government worker unions. Two HUGE out of control power seekers literally in bed together.
    Our business man President needs more time to set up a corrected trajectory for our future. FDR served 4 terms…almost
    MAGA, KAG !!

  10. Growing up in Michigan with most of the auto industry in Southern part of the lower pennensula, I have known of the corruption of unions. It turned Detroit into the deep blue city it is today. What was, once, a conservative state has now suffered because of voting habits of those who have become dependent on government.

    Look at the voting results of the 2016 election map. Notice the blue counties. They are the reason our governor flipped from R to D.

  11. Their title is wrong; intentionally?
    Dictionary says fringe means: extereme, on the border.

    NY,NY, Frisco, LA, Portland, Houston are hard to call either extreme or on the border. Except for Portland these are some of America’s biggest cities; and generally the trend setters.

    I am not saying what has been happening the last 19 years is right!
    But these well established (pun intended!)cities are not fringe.

    American unions in general; need reform! Does not mean it will ever happen.

  12. Chaos, anarchy, pandemonium – from the ashes rise the totalitarians.

    Wiemar gave way to National Socialism.
    Victor Emmanuel III ceded power to Fascism (Italian Socialism) after the anarchy of post WWI.
    Lenin took power in the aftermath of the chaos of revolt.
    Castro took advantage of Batista’s incompetence and turmoil.
    The homicidal psychotic Marriam from the riotous leftovers after Selassie’s death.
    Mao after the fratricidal wars among the warlords of China.
    Napoleon after the Revolution.

    I don’t understand why it isn’t glaringly evident to everyone.

    izlamo delenda est …


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