Defying Islamist Protests: Middle East Scholar Speaks at U.S. Army War College

American Thinker: On a 500-acre campus in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Middle East scholar Raymond Ibrahim was finally allowed to give his speech before a packed, mostly civilian audience at the U.S. Army War College’s Heritage and Education Center.  Based on his book, Sword and Scimitar — Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, Ibrahim covered the 7th century origins of Islam, its conflict with Christianity during the hundreds of years that followed, and revisionist attempts to deny Islam’s history of violent warfare and supremacism.

Ibrahim, a Judith Friedman Rosen Writing Fellow with the Middle East Forum, was on the receiving end of such an attempt in June 2019, when the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other Islamists convinced the U.S. Army War College to disinvite Ibrahim from his original appearance, fallaciously accusing the son of Egyptian immigrants of being a “bigot” and “white nationalist.”

However, Ibrahim wasn’t alone. In its press release, CAIR ridiculed the War College as “an academic institution run on taxpayer funds” which was “poised to exacerbate longstanding problems such as racism and human rights violations that exist within the US military.”

Ibrahim explained that CAIR is “well aware how important it is to dominate the historic narrative.” He pointed to his reliance on primary source material and actual quotes from jihadist and Islamists to support his view that there is “a continuity between past and present; Muslim religious leaders and jihadists see Christianity as both antithetical to the Islamic world and inherently ripe for conquest or conversion.” read more

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  1. It wobbles the mind that anyone would succumb to the exhortations of the likes of CAIR – or SPLC – or ACLU – or La Raza – which are clearly and unambiguously racist and anti-civilization – sowing the seeds of hatred, divisiveness, and anarchy (to eventually be replaced by totalitarianism, of course). But there you have it.
    You’d think that the U.S. Army War College’s Heritage and Education Center would be interested in Heritage and Education, particularly as it concerns worldwide jihad and the forced establishment of the Caliphate, but they seem to have a large infestation of PC tapeworms.
    I cannot fathom the mental state of those who embrace and tolerate this perniciously Satanic Moon cult at the expense of humanity. Why offer your throat to be cut?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. 15 or so years ago a world-wide study of Muslim attitudes was undertaken and the following information revealed:
    10% of Muslims say they directly support violent jihad.
    85% say they indirectly support it.
    Based on this I draw the same rational self-preservation conclusions that anyone who is not a Muslim should be able.

  3. Throughout the history of the world, it has been shown that peace and prosperity comes at the expense of spine and intestinal fortitude. Muzzloids know this, which is why under their totalitarian rule there is neither peace nor prosperity.

  4. Our local colleges were not mentioned on the list of 5,000 scholars who appealed to Pres. Trump to allow Raymond to speak. Not surprising as these colleges emphasize “social justice,” women’s march, “fighting fascism”, filling our local papers with anti-potus letters and articles ad nauseum

  5. Bad_Brad_is_an_Ahole

    Oh look, a coward. Why not use your usual name?

    Let’s review what possibly could have been learned from this scholar.
    The Crusades never really ended, Islam still wants you dead.

    Try and grow a set pussy

  6. MMinLamesa

    It is Tax Payer Funded being point one. With a very predictable outcome. Not financially responsible in my book. Point number two would be the one on your pointy little cranium.

  7. If you haven’t read this book, GET IT!

    It seemed that at nearly every page turn I thought “Wow, that’s exactly what they’re doing today”, even though it was a thousand years ago.

  8. @Bad_Brad March 28, 2020 at 9:19 am

    > “Middle East Scholar”
    > So like a third grader from Chicago.

    You are SUCH a racist!
    (even 8 year old jihadis know “you don’t hold the gun sideways”)

  9. “Not financially responsible in my book”??

    Of all of the financially irresponsible things in the ocean of Financial Irresponsibleness that we swim in, this?? is what you’re calling out? A heads up about islam??


    If you get back to earth, and that’s looking like a near impossibility, thank the man upstairs that there are men courageous enough to weather the PC onslaught they face trying to get the truth.

    Oh and the idiots too.


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