deGenova and Giuliani Get Their Punches In On The Ingraham Angle

Last night Rudy Giuliani and Joe diGenova sat with Laura Ingraham for a full half-hour of impeachment-gate hilarity.

Joe diGenova did the grenade tossing in the first block, calling the intelligence whistle blowers “suicide bombers” and referring to the House proceedings as attempted “regicide.” The characterizations  brought out an angry response from the Washington Post this morning. Here

Rudy Giuliani had his fun in the second block when asked about testifying before the Senate Judiciary committee and was shown of clip of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker promising to go hard on New York’s best mayor if given a chance. Watch


6 Comments on deGenova and Giuliani Get Their Punches In On The Ingraham Angle

  1. I would pay to watch the Spartacus -vs- Rudy cage match. Have to catch it at home so I can enjoy an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic while watching the ass whoopin’ go down. For my own good the State has decided that to be verboten in public.

  2. Peace on the Washington Post Hole. Peace is with a bit of an accent, the usual spelling is with an i and two sses.

  3. Thanks for posting this!! I had missed it. Tough to think of anyone I’d rather listen to than those two, except that Victoria Toensing should be included as well.

  4. One of my favorite moments in this discussion —Joe Degenova called AOC an “incandescent ignoramus”.— perfect.


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