DELAWARE K-12 SCHOOLS: Students May Choose Their Race and Gender, and Keep It Secret From Parents

Just shut up and pay your taxes, the Left will raise your children.

DANGEROUS: Parents and members of the NAACP are up in arms as the Delaware Department of Education forges ahead to allow students of all ages to self-declare their race and gender without parents’ knowledge or permission.

Under the proposed Regulation 225, schools must keep a student’s professed transition to a different gender or race a secret if students claim their parents are not supportive of that new identity.

Particularly on social media, transgender activists  often address vulnerable teens, informing them to not trust their parents if those parents resist the child’s self-diagnosis of transgenderism. Many transgender activists groom teens to consider adult transgenders and activists their new “glitter” family.

The proposed regulation does not provide for a counselor or therapist to determine if the newly-transgender-identified teen has succumbed to the social contagion of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria or has another condition that is causing gender dysphoria, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The proposed regulation requires schools to make gender identity the basis for a student’s access to sports teams, locker rooms, and bathrooms. It also contains a speech code designed to silence all objections in the guise of an anti-bullying policy.

While Delaware DOE officials say the purpose of racial self-declaration is to help biracial children, there is nothing in Regulation 225 to stop white children from declaring themselves black to win scholarships intended to benefit black students. The DOE could have protected biracial children specifically, but did not.

The leaders of the Central Delaware branch of the NAACP and the Delaware State NAACP Conference expressed opposite stands on the idea that race can be self-declared, Delaware Online reports.

“The fight by those of African descent for equality is fundamentally different than allowing a young child to determine his or her gender,” wrote Lamar Gunn, president of the Central Delaware NAACP, in a letter to Delaware Governor John Carney.  read more

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  1. Delawareans Run! The state has your children. They are no longer yours. They will be indoctrinated and taught to spy on you, watching for compliance with all idiotic leftist rules, and ratting you out to the state.

  2. If I can define my race and gender, why not my age?

    I’m a ten year old black girl. I want the free breakfast and lunch. I want to wear pretty dresses and little pigtails.

    A stupid liberal agenda allows for anything to happen.

    Who wants to play jacks on the sidewalk? Don’t sneak a peek up my dress and look at my knickers.

  3. “Give me a child to age 7 and I will give you a Communist for life.”
    (Vladimir Lenin)
    And don’t forget the “Hitlerjugend.”
    Seems to be a fairly persistent socialist method.

    Delaware is just following up on that whole Dept. of Education thing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Mom, dad, we need to talk…

    I’m really an adopted African Albanian albino bilateral amputee lesbian dwarf trapped in an Anglo-Saxon cis-gendered 10 year old boy

  5. I clicked on the “glitter family” link in the Milo piece. There are some VERY sick people out there. How the human race survives assaults like this is beyond me but for the sake of my grandchildren, I hope it does.

  6. I can firmly affirm that Negroes can fully swim,,,,(based on drowning experiments, with Negroes)…. they seem to swim faster for food as we’ll…..

  7. This initiative may explain why increasing numbers of Delawareans are chosing to die of narcotic overdoses.

  8. In light of recent events, I got to say, FUR, if you want to improve this most awesome place, force anonymous posters to man the fuck up and get an identity. All of us take a risk offering our opinions. Except for those anon cowards. WTF? Maybe Democrats.

  9. How can anyone take any of this seriously? This is the most absurd horseshit going on this country today — and that’s saying a lot. This is ALL mental illness. And it’s getting harder and harder to tell who are worse, the people believing they are something they’re not, or the people who believe them. Maybe this is not an either/or, anymore.

  10. Another thing about those anonymous guys, there could be a dozen of them, who knows. When you establish an identity, even though technically we are anonymous, at least we establish a track record and history of positions taken. That gives us some context if we were to respond to an anonymous comment.

  11. Ditto, Abigail Adams!

    When I think back on when my now-grown kids were sweet trusting little tykes in elementary school, what’s going on now nauseates me. Sending them into the care and influence of these sickwits would have been like dipping them in poison.

  12. “… force anonymous posters to man the fuck up and get an identity …”

    Are you serious?
    How is a phony name any more an “identity” than “Anonymous?”

    My screen name is “Tim” but am I really a “Tim” or more a “Timothy” in real life? What does “janitor” or “Vietvet” or “deplorable dude” or “AbigailAdams” or “Shaunqueefus” tell us about the human behind the facade any more than “Anonymous?”

    Sorry. I’m finished with my screed. “Aaron Burr” is the only guy I recall who was Aaron Burr and once even published his address, being pissed off at James Hines (if memory serves).

    izlamo delenda est …

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