Delay Reason # 497- Ford Doesn’t Know How To Dress For the Hearing

Robert Boyette@boyetter2013

And if @SenFeinstein hadn’t sat on the letter for nearly two months it wouldn’t have been an issue now. I dont know what would disgust me more, finding out this is all a sham or finding out it’s true and that Feinstein sat on it for purely political purposes.

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Here’s some breaking news for a Saturday night: the woman whom Christine Blasey Ford names as a witness to her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh at a high school gathering has identified herself and issued a statement through her lawyer that she does not know Kavanaugh and doesn’t recall any party at which he was present.

Tidbit- Leland Keyser, the “witness,” is the former wife of Bob Beckel.

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  1. Reason #498 – she has a mandatory meeting with her parole officer

    Reason #499 – her plea bargain agreement says she can’t get closer to Montgomery County MD than 100 miles

  2. maybe we need to do an ‘excuse’ thread ….
    Excuse # 498 ~ my cat has a furball extraction appointment that day
    Excuse # 499 ~ it’s the Autumnal Equinox & we have committed to the Burning Man Festival
    Excuse # 500 ~ ….

  3. # 500….her dog ate her testimony….
    #501….Lip gloss is band in Iran…
    #502….She is still researching ‘who put the ram in rama lama ding dong?”…

  4. Love the Cat’n’Hat! This whole thing is so childishly Democrat. Know what, at this point, I don’t even give a shake. Kav will be voted in. The whole BS delay show ensures it. What’s left, McCain’s scheduled brain clot operation? Never knew of any blood clot surgery being scheduled. Please don’t update/inform me when it due to PMS,,,waiting.

  5. Good thing I’m not asking the questions. “So Ms (at the time), was ‘Anal’ an option?’ unlike 35 years later or was your righteousness back than limited?” Someone needs to ask that one,,,

  6. “You know, here in the Neighborhood we have a special name for ladies like Ms. Ford. Can you say, ‘lying opportunistic whore’, kiddies?

    That’s very good. I knew you could.”

  7. they’re putting together an ‘all-star’ fashion team in DC as I type this. Their goal is an ensemble that will rivet the nation. Or is it divot? So far, clinton, stormy daniels and michael obama have joined the team, and RBG is being consulted for which gloves would be most appropriate to wear for the occasion. It will likely be something along the lines of a cross between ‘Brave Red Maiden’ and little Bo Peep, with a tantalizing hint of spartacus. And expect plenty of lace and long hemlines. It should be ready in 3 weeks.

  8. Looks like what the Demos thought was a clever way around a filibuster turns out to be a stall by the Rs to nail down all the witnesses claimed by Dr I Can’t Remember. Each one has said they weren’t there and have no recollection of such an incident. Here’s a tidbit that nails it. Mrs. Leland Ingham Keyser is the former Mrs Bob Beckel.

    I have a strange feeling she’ll come down with bubonic plague or something and will have to be quarantined.

  9. She won’t show…..

    This is all delay, delay, and more delay tactics…..

    Until after the start of the new Supreme Court term……

    And/or until after the midterms so red state Democrat Senators don’t have to do a hard vote for/against Kavanaugh…..

    Democrats are evil and criminal…but they’re not stupid.

  10. “Do Not Bear False Witness”

    I hope this liar is incinerated by a bolt from Heaven.

    Lock her a room full of actual rape surviviors with baseball bats…

  11. She was in couples counseling, aka troubled marriage. Go figure: most women I’ve known that hyphenated their names didn’t expect to stay married. And with her history???


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