Delta Air Lines CEO: Passengers Should Ask Permission to Recline Seats

Breitbart: Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has weighed in on proper airline etiquette after a 45-second social media video showing a man pummeling the back of a woman’s airplane seat went viral.

The CEO said that while customers have “the right to recline,” they should always ask permission before reclining their seats.

“I think customers have the right to recline,” Bastian said on CNBC’s Squawk Box. “I think the proper thing to do is if you’re going to recline into somebody that you ask if it’s okay first and then you do it.”

The video Bastian was referencing was a controversial viral video on Twitter that got millions of views. Thousands of people retweeted the man punching the back of a woman’s seat on an American Eagle flight because she reclined it: read more

24 Comments on Delta Air Lines CEO: Passengers Should Ask Permission to Recline Seats

  1. Better yet, ban those damned things. Whenever the person in front of me reclines his seat it causes wet, slobbery sneezing attacks. Sneezing seems to stop as soon as seat goes to full upright. Isn’t that weird?

  2. Heres an idea: instead of making seats and the spaces between them smaller, take out some seats and make them larger (?). A lot of the anger and rage issues on planes is bc of the increasingly cramped quarters. So whose space is that behind the seat? Less clear bc seating is too tight. I think ill drive next time

  3. See, deplorables? It’s OK for teacher to rub “your” children back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, on the tranny’s lap. As long as it’s “story time.” And xhe tells them “Oh. It’s gonna’ happen.”, first.

  4. This wasn’t an issue before six people were crammed into space enough for three. And as far as asking permission? I did that when I bought my reclining seat.

  5. Just wait, it won’t be long and all seats will be permanently in a straight, upright position. The pig of a man that was banging on the woman’s seat is an asshole. I’ve flown way more than I like, if the person in front of you reclines their seat deal with it instead of having a two year olds tantrum.

  6. Ridiculous to ask permission to use a feature of the seat you bought and paid for!

    I always figured it worked like this. The person in front of you reclines. You have the option to deal with the 1.5″ of less space or you recline and regain 1.5″ of space.

  7. Frontier has no-recline seats, no meals or snacks unless purchased and pay-to-use overhead baggage.

    No bickering about seats, no carts in the aisle, no trash patrols every fifteen minutes, no constant bathroom traffic, much less waiting for people to stuff or empty the overheads. All of that makes the seat more comfortable.

    It’s a bus ride in the sky, not a dinner cruise.

  8. the airlines never had these issues before they crammed in the 6 extra rows of seats and took out the smoking sections

  9. Why no put two passengers in one seat, and blame the passengers for overcrowding.
    That CEO needs to realize passengers ARE the business, no passengers, no airline.

  10. If asking the person behind you is the politically correct requirement, why is the recline button on your seat… wouldn’t it make sense for the person behind you to have your recline button?
    How do these dumbasses get these CEO jobs?

  11. The seat banger, do you think he has ever been married? I bet he has been divorced as often as he has been married. If I behaved like that and my wife saw the video she would be so ashamed of me she would probably divorce me.

  12. The seat should move forward when a person reclines so that the person reclining will mash their own knees instead of the knees of the person behind them.

  13. Thanks, Mr. Helper.

    Flying should be an amazing experience. Anyone who flew prior to 9/11 likely remembers it as being much more enjoyable than the TSA’d, bodyscanned, sardine canned hellscape that it is now. It wasn’t the 50s advertised getting a Turkey dinner served by a Pan-Am supermodel stewardess with your wife in a Sunday dress in your La-Z-Boy seat while smoking your cigar and drinking an old fashioned but got damn is it terrible now.

    If it’s within 12 hours, I drive.

    This CEO asshole lecturing people about navigating the problem he likely got promoted by creating it is a little hard to take.

  14. Ask permission? Mommy may I? No airline anywhere has ever required customers to ask permission to recline a seat. After all, you paid for the ride. On the other hand, it’s acceptable to abuse the person in front of you, without asking.
    The CEO is ass backward.
    If you prefer to be considered an inconvenience, fly Delta. The airline who loves to tell you
    how uncomfortable they want you to be.

  15. Anonymous – – Yes, it is a matter of how much space a person has. When the person in front reclines their seat they expand their space at the expense of the person behind them. They should return that space by moving their seat forward. This is a fair solution that should only be approved by the person who is being encroached upon. It’s called VOLUNTARY FAIR TRADE.

  16. My mother and flew to Ireland and some asshole was shoving her seat every time she tried to recline it. I traded seats with her. The bastard tried it once with me and I got up right behind him when he went to the bathroom and let him know that if he tried that shit one mere time I was going to knock his Goddamned teeth out.

    A was in Erin for two weeks, my mother stayed another two and as luck would have it when I flew out of Shannon there was the same guy and he had a cardboard cast on his nose and two black eyes. He was with buddies and they were headed to Cork or Wexford to golf. I suspect he shot his mouth off in pub and got his ass kicked.

    I hate even the thought of flying. It used to be something to look forward to

  17. Idea: Captain after take off announces, “You may now recline your seats if so desired, thank you for your co-operation”

    Or put up a lit sign to replace the so smoking light.

    No smoking lights now replaced with stickers.

    Stickers labeled with “this label is made with chemicals that cause cancer in california.”

    Aw fkt It! Just smoke weed!

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