Dem 2020 candidate Andrew Yang: Universal basic income will make Americans healthier


Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Tuesday that the benefit of his $1,000-a-month “Freedom Dividend” will be healthier Americans — physically and mentally.

Yang is running on a universal basic income that proposes giving each adult over 18 a monthly benefit totaling $12,000-a-year. The proposal would cost $1.8 trillion and be paid for with a value-added tax on Amazon transactions, Google searches and robot truck miles.

“There is a lot of data on this and what happens is people mental health improves, stress goes down, relationships improve, their physical health even improves over time,” the 44-year-old entrepreneur and former Obama administration official told “America’s Newsroom.”

Yang said “we’re already seeing this even on a very, very small scale” with a family he is supporting in New Hampshire.

He said the New Hampshire family that is getting $1,000 a month from him is using the money to pay their daughter’s college tuition.

The giveaway began on Jan. 1 and Yang said he wants to extend it to Iowa, another state that plays a key role during the early presidential primaries.

“What’s fun about his is that when people actually get a thousand bucks a month you see they do very positive things,” he said.  more

16 Comments on Dem 2020 candidate Andrew Yang: Universal basic income will make Americans healthier

  1. Worthless commie scum!

    The little commie dirtbag apparently doesn’t understand that this bullshit screws everyone.

  2. Cheap penny pinching bastard. He should give everyone a million a month. According to his logic, we’ll all be immortal.

  3. Free basic income my ass, who the hell is going to pay for this. There is not an unlimited supply of money available to pay for this. Stupid democraps, must think that everything comes from a money tree or unicorn farts or the pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow. And just where do they think that they’ll find a leprechaun to lead them to all that gold.

  4. Dumbshit talks like he has access to the fabled “obamastash”, which never was the source of the kenyan’s largesse (he, and DumbAss Joe, shamelessly piled on the National Debt).

    If in fact obama got his hands a stash, it was filthy stolen lucre that he hid in Mooch’s man-pouch when they vacated the White Hut.

  5. Andrew Yang’s last name should be Wang because his idiot proposal to give everyone a $1000 dollars a month will never work and besides it’ll probably be limited to minorities and approved democrap grievance groups and no white people will be allowed to apply for it just because of racism.

    People who work hard for what they
    have are happy.People who get hand outs
    are not happy.Nothing free in this world!
    Bible sez= man don’t work,man don’t deserve to eat.

  7. It’s disheartening to see so many prog Asians, bent on destorying our way of life. Asians used to be a rather conservative bunch.

  8. Yang’s right when he says there’s lots of data about universal income. His problem is that it always shows how awful UBI is.

  9. Yang, right?
    For every pay out of $1000 dollars,
    A taxpaying citizen gets to break a foot off up your idiot ass.

  10. Money that you don’t work for is not treated with the respect earned money is.
    Look for that cash to be spent on booze, drugs and hookers – yeah, real healthy.
    Don’t these poly-ticks ever look beyond their own blood-sucking probosci?

  11. $1,000 a month won’t buy peace of mind. It’s not even enough to pay the rent for most apartment dwellers. Lots of people will use any extra “free” money for unhealthy things. It also gets people to rely on government handouts, an unhealthy mental attitude. It’s socialism, presented to people as “free”, as if there is no cost to it.

    Peace of mind comes from acknowledging and worshipping God. And, the most satisfying days I’ve had are those days at work when I knew I contributed to the organization, by being diligent, creative, solved problems, or felt that I was very useful in a worthwhile effort.


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