DEM 2020 Hopefuls Back 4 Policies That Require Constitutional Amendments

DC: Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls have so far proposed or signaled willingness to discuss at least four major policy ideas that would require the U.S. Constitution to be amended.

  • Lowering the voting age to 16
  • Introducing term limits for Supreme Court justices
  • Dissolving the Electoral College and adopting a National Popular Vote
  • Reintroducing the Equal Rights Amendment

As more and more Democrats enter the rapidly expanding field, each vying for the chance to challenge President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, it is becoming apparent that most of them are looking for ways to change the status quo — even if that means changing the Constitution as well.


In order for the voting age to be lowered to 16, Congress would have to pass an amendment to an amendment. The 26th Amendment, ratified in 1971, lowered the national voting age from 21 to 18. A new amendment would have to be ratified that would supersede the 26th.

Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar have not given this particular policy their full-throated endorsement, but all three have said that they are at least willing to have the conversation.


Article III, Section I of the Constitution states that, “The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour …” Unless they are impeached, judicial appointments are for life or until the appointee retires.

But Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker has suggested that Supreme Court justices should be subject to term limits and that every president should have the opportunity to make three high court appointments during his or her term in office.

Several Democratic candidates, including former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, have said that they were open to changes on the court. Buttigieg and O’Rourke have voiced support for a new court with 15 justices — five chosen by Democrats, five chosen by Republicans and five chosen by unanimous approval of the other 10 justices.


In order to replace the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote, which would allow the president to be elected directly by the people, an amendment superseding Article II, Section I (clauses 2 and 3), as well as the 12th Amendment, would be necessary.

Democrats have been calling for a move to a popular vote, arguing that it’s the only way to make sure that “every vote counts.” A number of states have already attempted to side-step the Electoral College by opting to give all of their electoral votes to the winner of the nationwide popular vote. Renewed calls came from many in the party after the 2016 presidential election, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College.

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is also seeking the Democratic nomination, called for the change almost immediately following Clinton’s 2016 loss.  more here

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  1. This is a last gasp for the Dems. But they are pulling out all the stops, will resort to anything to win the White House next year. Legal or otherwise.
    Good luck ever getting an amendment passed again. It ain’t gonna happen.

  2. I’m for making every vote count. I live in California, my vote doesn’t count at all in a presidential election. How about the states’ electoral votes are proportional to its own popular vote. I’m “disenfranchised “.

  3. If we don’t do something about voter fraud I’m afraid we’re pissing in the wind. Hillary lost when they thought they had all the votes needed. They won’t let that happen again.

  4. What happens when the states change their laws? Colorado just “passed a bill that would award the state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote.”

    I would assume that some states are getting ready to pass bills to allow 16 year olds to vote.

    What will the Federal government do? Can they do anything? Will they do anything?

    I ask that because I don’t see anything happening to states, counties or cities who declare themselves ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal aliens. What happens when they refuse to let ICE do their jobs?

    Also, I don’t see much happening to all the voter fraud from the 2018 election that saw enough R wins turn into D wins to give the House to the Democrats.

    I don’t know the answers to those questions.

  5. Can anyone sane tell me one law that places women at a disadvantage to men? I think women got it good. Be careful for what you wish for.

  6. Claudia – you have just asked questions that, taken together, define an even bigger question: what happens to the United States if it politically disintegrates? It seems we are close to it.

  7. The original push that was behind the Federal voting age being lowered to 18 was the draft and the Vietnam war.

    What is behind the upcoming push to lower it to 16?

  8. Walnut1, your vote counts now, here in Colorado. If all the Republicans in CA were to vote that don’t vote because it won’t matter in CA that very well could swing the popular vote. Then the Libtards won’t have anything to cry about and on top of that you can swing Colorado back into the red because you will give us the votes we need to stick it to the pot smokers of Denver & Boulder.

    That would be glorious day indeed.

  9. I would support an amendment that raises the voting age back to 21 or even higher. At 18, I was physically able to be in the military, but not experienced or smart enough to make intelligent political choices.

    I would support an amendment that imposes term limits on all Federal politicians. Maybe 20 years for judges and justices, two terms for Senators, and 6 terms for Congress members.

    I would not change the Electoral College. A candidate who loses the popular vote but wins in the Electoral College is rare, but having the popular vote be the determining factor would result in urban areas dictating policy for those persons living in smaller or rural communities.

    The Equal Rights Amendment is a recipe for political and judicial mischief. Let it die.

  10. Claudia – if a State lowers the voting age to 16, they shouldn’t be able to vote for federal offices. But that would be impossible to control unless the entire vote of the State is thrown out. Like that would happen.
    Methinks Kammie is looking for younger blood to further her political career.

  11. Now they want term limits for Supreme Court Justices. What about the mummy Ginsberg who won’t go away even after death?


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