Dem Arrested For Threatening Rand Paul’s Kids Is #ObamaForLife

COTR: The Democrat who was recently arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul and his family with an ax was a Barack Obama fan and used the hashtag #Obamaforlife in some of his threats.

Police arrested Democrat Nathanial Blaine Luffman. Paul said that the suspect had left threats threatening to chop up his family with an ax. Officials say Luffman left the messages at Paul’s Kentucky offices.

According to Mercury News, Luffman is from Berkeley, California, but also lived in Kentucky in the past.

Luffman also made threats against another official, threatening him as well. MORE

9 Comments on Dem Arrested For Threatening Rand Paul’s Kids Is #ObamaForLife

  1. When can we start holding the Court Jesters from Hollywood complicit?
    When will Ron Perlman grow the balls to meet me on the street? I’ve asked, no reply?

  2. Hey Dems, when you are saying something really stupid always have it recorded or put it in writing, you just got to show your buds what a brave genius you are.
    Your results may vary.

  3. “Axe Murderer Luffman should get life, in a rubber room or foreshortened by the gallows.”

    Yes but his twitter account remains up and running. Amazing ain’t it.

  4. These enraged and paid chock troops run from Hussein’s underground bunker are pushing towards a line they may most likely regret afterwards: Can they take a large can of whoop ass coming their way?

    They really need to pick their battles wisely because there is no coming back for them. So far they have NOT met the resistance by the 65+ million Americans who are pretty tired of their sh*t and their antics.

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