Dem Bones Dem Bones

Woman pulls a gun because her chicken wings had bones in em.

Yep, she’s black.


Where do stereotypes come from? Are they based on reality or just made up to slight certain groups of people? We may never know the answer to this mystery. In a completely unrelated matter, a violent black woman pulled out a gun and threatened restaurant employees when they messed up her chicken order.

According to The Star News Online, Clarissa and Rasheem Gagum went to FU Wangz Thursday evening for some dinner in Wilmington, NC. Yes, you read that correctly, the name of the restaurant is FU Wangz. 24-year-old Clarissa ordered some boneless wings but was given wings with the bone still in. Clarissa is a busy woman and doesn’t have time for bones slowing her down.

I’m not sure what she was expecting, I mean she was eating at a restaurant with F*CK U right in the name: FUWangz. Of course they are going to screw up an order. In any case, Clarissa lodged a complaint over her bone-filled wings, which is a nice way of saying she went off on a minimum wage employee who made an honest mistake.

Now the report doesn’t say this specifically, but the impression that I get is that Clarissa actually ate the bone-in wings and then demanded a refund.

This refund demand turned into a full on shouting match that Clarissa felt like she wasn’t winning. To turn things in her favor she went out to her car and returned with a handgun.



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  1. Stupid, ignorant dumbasses. They exist in staggering numbers because the tax payer feeds them, grooms them and encourages them to breed. If we treated lice like this we’d be up to our chins in filthy parasites. Wait, what…

  2. Brian Anderson at Downtrend:

    Regardless of the charges, I say someone who does something like this is automatically disqualified from society forever. She might go to jail for a year or less, but guess what? That anger and complete disregard for human life will still be there. This crazy bitch is not done inflicting misery and terror on others.

    Automatically disqualified from American society, Brian. I can think of other societies where she’d fit right in. You’re spot on about her being a crazy bitch, though, and that shit tends to last a lifetime.

  3. Who names a Chinese restaurant FU Wangz? Not unless the Chinese guy’s name is Fu as in Fu Manchu. Do they serve egg fu (foo) young? Have you ever seen a boneless chicken wandering about free range at a chicken farm? If you have you’ve read or seen too many Gary Larson Far Side cartoons.

  4. This is off topic but I’m just not sure how to take this. I go to a wedding today which I didn’t want to go to in the first place. My niece was going to be there, I taught her how to shoot, she is a doctor. She is really good looking so she always has a gun with her. She shoots competition pistol and is really good at it.

    She wanted me to meet her husband to be, who also shoots.

    The guy is a Muslim. Holy shit.

    Of course I was as nice as I could be but, a Muslim?

    The date is set. Oh Crap.

    Do I get her a pressure cooker for a wedding gift?

  5. Not only the restaurant name was FU Wangz but the woman’s name was GAGUM.
    I surely wouldn’t want somebody in my restaurant named Gagum.

  6. “a busy woman and doesn’t have time for bones slowing her down”, that’s funny. I can just picture her.

  7. This woman has a high opinion of her standards.
    I drilled through and read the comments.
    Somebody wrote: “Nigs will Nog”
    I cannot add or subtract from that statement

  8. all yall honkys be putting bullets in are babbies heads, now yall wants to deprive of us Black Womens of are chicken. yall want to choke us. only are mens gets to choke us.

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