Dem Congressman Says Invoking Right To Remain Silent Means You’re Guilty

Congressmoron Bennie Johnson said the following-

And Rachel Madcow did not correct him.

The left is very, very, very, very, very dumb and dangerous.

There never seems to be a shortage of bald, black morons in DC. As they die, new ones emerge.

Including the women.

34 Comments on Dem Congressman Says Invoking Right To Remain Silent Means You’re Guilty

  1. Nihilistic totalitarians don’t need a Constitution.
    He’s not stupid – he’s evil.
    He’s read the Constitution and considers it a dead letter.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. And if you claim “not guilty” when there’s proof you are, it’s perjury, and that charge should be added to your crimes.

  3. I wonder, did OJ Simpson plead the fifth? Here you have a member of Congress (though obviously a political hack and a stupid one at that) totally forgetting he pledged to defend the Constitution (unless he swore on a Quran when installed).

  4. I’m sure that is what the Founding Fathers meant, they just wanted to let the guilty off without punishment. Brilliant Insight.

  5. You would think that such a comment would be deserving of censure but I am not holding my breath.

    Maybe Biden can nominate Thompson for something and when asked he could say he doesn’t know what he meant when he made that statement. That seems to be the standard answer for Biden nominees when asked about some atrocious remark they made in the past.

  6. How many times did the Clintons and their cronies – both under President Clinton and President Obama – plead the fifth? Dozens? Hundreds?

  7. Let’s see how quickly this guy changes his tune when he’s inevitably brought up on corruption charges.

  8. Wait. Employing the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution implies guilt?

    And Maddow says his point is a ‘fascinating pivot point’?

    That real journalism right there. No push back whatsoever.
    Pivot point how? Between truth and fantasy? Law and lawlessness?

    These people are retarded.

    I wonder why nobody watches her show?

  9. Neither of these two, Congressmoron Bennie Johnson or Fake News Anchor Madcow have an IQ above normal body temperature. One Dummycrat interviewing another about anything to do with January 6 is an invitation to a bullshit chucking contest.

  10. JDHasty – I had the same exact thought when I saw this article!
    Hand that man a large tube of Black Caucus and tell him to go help Hank seal up the hull of Guam to keep it from capsizing!!

  11. It’s Bennie Thompson.

    I understand, other than being a leftist racist @sshole, he’s totally forgettable.

  12. The average IQ of American blacks is ~low 80s. Combine that with the pitiful “education” provided by inner city teacher union teachers & this is your explanation for how morons like this get elected.

    Throw in a some Black Caucus power and this asshole bag of dicks gets vomited into mainstream America.

    He actually believes the cock gobbling that MSNBC is providing makes him relevant.

  13. This latest Milk Dud libtard Congress critter clone has no idea he’s stupid. There’s no evidence he even knows the purpose of The U.S. Constitution.

    When someone reminds him that “pleading the 5th” is what many of his constituents in Mississippi do on a regular basis in court, he’ll claim he was misquoted – Idiot.

  14. The stupid are like the dead.

    They’re the last one in the room to understand their condition.

    I don’t remember who I stole that from.

  15. How is Guam gonna tip over if it’s rooted to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Guam is not out there floating, aimlessly unanchored to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean although Hank Johnson seems to think so. That’s as dumb as that other black congressman who said that sharks followed all the slave traders in the Atlantic Ocean and ate all the dead bodies of slaves who were thrown overboard on their way to enslavement from Africa to America.

  16. This shows that the left is trying to interpret the Constitution as a living document to mean exactly the opposite of what it means.
    FJB, FRBG, FtheLeft

  17. The only floating islands that I’m aware of were fictional and in CS Lewis’s classic novel Perelandra (Venus) which Dr. Ransom visited in order to save it from the Unman. Is Hank Johnson gonna go there to prove that there are floating islands?

  18. Just look at that imbecile’s sh** eating grin.
    He really thinks he said something brilliant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  19. Another urban negro fascist. Nothing new there. They’re all just a bought and paid for idiot goon squad for billionaire assholes who, if they get the absolute power they crave, will slaughter every fucking urban black they can find just to make cities livable again.

  20. Love these comments, but Clark is headed for contempt. Mark Meadows on the other hand looks to be cooperating with the committee. Oops

  21. Just what Congress needs. I thought there wasn’t any more Milk Duds there after the last one croaked? What a Milk Dud maroon.

  22. I’m thinking the 5th is in the Constitution for good reason, considering how lawyers can’t wait to get a gotcha moment by tricking you into incriminating yourself even if you’ve done anything wrong.


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