Dem Leaders Propose Opening Abortion Clinics on Federal Land in Red States – IOTW Report

Dem Leaders Propose Opening Abortion Clinics on Federal Land in Red States

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On Sunday, a pair of high-profile Democrats encouraged President Biden to open up federal lands for abortion clinics in conservative states where abortion is largely prohibited or restricted.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) made the remarks in separate appearances on Sunday morning shows, arguing that the federal government has the authority to permit abortions on federal lands. National parks and forests, military bases and courthouses are examples of federal lands. More

21 Comments on Dem Leaders Propose Opening Abortion Clinics on Federal Land in Red States

  1. For anyone wondering about the difference between “your government” and “an occupying force”, here’s your sign…

  2. I propose assisted living and memory care units be opened in the White House. Oh, wait. Looks like that’s already happening. FJB

  3. …next up, Pedo Joe declares he has the right of jus primae noctis and demands the (very) young virgins be brought him on Federal lands that he may bless their pediatric wombs with his Robinette semen…

  4. This is a good lesson for our side to learn. The black hat team never quits. You can’t turn your back on the bastards for a minute just because you think you beat them. They will try to steal, cheat, lie, or change the rules. But they won’t quit. Evil never rests

  5. Good idea. Put tents right smack dab in the middle of the parking lots so young girls can hear women screaming during the procedure. Watching women leave Planned Parenthood crying their eyes out is a sight you will ever forget. Doubt me? Stand outside an abortuary praying the Rosary, watching mortified women so distraught they cannot stand. Watch how many are crying so hard they cannot walk. None of them can talk. They know they executed their innocent and defenseless baby and what they did cannot be justified. Obama daughters are frequent flyers on a first name basis. We pay. They don’t care. Oh, FJB.

  6. Although this ridiculous proposal will go nowhere, just the idea that someone would seriously propose this disgusts me.

  7. Can you believe they still call us “Doctors”?

    I know, right?

    …and you folks acted SO shocked that doctors would help politicians kill people with the vaxx, when WE’VE been at this for FIVE FULL DECADES…

  8. Fine. When Trump is back in his rightful office open gun shops in federal buildings, forests, parks etc

    There is an enumerated RIGHT to arms, I can’t think of one other item that holds that status.

  9. Was unaware supreme court rulings had no authority on federal lands.

    Guess I know where to set up my moonshine bar and slave emporium.

  10. If the feds actually give this a try, the governor of the red state it’s happening in would find it a simple matter to have the state highways and roads people decide to dig up all the routes into the fed properties in order to “repair” them.

    Hey, it’s an entertaining idea!

  11. It might work in Nevada. Not Arizona. Got hundreds of thousands of Indians who live on Federal lands under quite restrictive federal rules.

    Now the feds want to roll in and set up abortion clinics? Hahaha.
    I wouldn’t even need to label the gun crates “bibles for indians”. Just sell them out of my truck at the Indian highway turnoff.

  12. Don’t stop there Uncle Al, the state should blockade any federal property that does this. Let the feds airlift everything in and out.

  13. Even better: Have the respective States nullify all “Federal land” in their States and declared forthwith as State land that belongs to the people. If the Fed’s persist, have State militias arrest and imprison the Fed’s. This would, of course trigger Civil War II. Fine. Bring it.

  14. The federal government does not have the authority to do this. What… it’s going to be part of the services offered in a national park?

  15. Both the sleazy AOC and fake native Indian Warren woman deliberately withhold the fact that the fed govt had duped-tricked REAL native American women into having abortions and hysterectomies perfomed by fed govt doctors in an effort to exterminate the native Indian nation. Says quite a lot about both slobs.

  16. I own property that is inside the boundaries of federal forest land. I could set up shop. Liberal customers only. Hand me that needle nose pliers. But first sign this waver form.


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