Dem Party Twitter Account Attacks Mount Rushmore and The 4th of July


The Democrat Party on Monday evening tweeted, then deleted, an attack on Mount Rushmore, negatively portraying an upcoming event President Trump is planning ahead of Independence Day at the historic monument to four great American presidents.

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again,” the Democrats wrote on Twitter, with a link to an article in the British newspaper the Guardian, in the now-deleted tweet. “He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore–a region once sacred to tribal communities.” More


Under normal conditions one might expect to identify this moment as the official moment the rubicon of DNC insanity has been crossed. However, it’s 2020;… therefore as soon as you think the boundaries of DNC stupidity have been reached, the DNC will bring out their stupid boundary stretchers.

In a tweet earlier tonight [poste June 29th] the DNC takes the official position that celebrating the fourth of July is the equivalent of celebrating white supremacy More

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  1. Compare and contrast with the petulant halfrican imagery flying helicopters with big white sheets blocking Rushmore when the government was shutdown. Snopes has it as false, but it’s even more true today than it was then.

  2. They deleted it not out of shame, but because it distracts from the Democrat Projection Focus that “Trump Is Demoralized And Ready To Quit Running For Reelection”. There is only one candidate who might quit the race, and it ain’t Trump. Internal polling must be looking horrible for Biden.

  3. Who the hell is in charge of imaging in the DNC? Do they think that a large swath of the electorate is cheering an Independence Day celebration at Mt Rushmore as glorifying white supremacy?

    If they think that segment of voters will carry them to victory in Nov, they are not just delusional but they’re not even in the same galaxy as we are.

    These riots, looting and lawlessness combined with further ratcheting down the economy ain’t playing well in Peoria. And to boot their guy is, to say the least, out to lunch.

  4. The Communists are getting so excited listening to their own MSM agitprop that some are convinced that throwing a bomb this big will be adored by the American people.
    One of their big commisars realized that some fool got ahead of himself and put this lead balloon bomb out thinking the 20% Left containing the 5% hardline Communists are enough to topple the Republic. That’s why it was pulled so fast. They must stay hidden until the disruption they are causing can give enough cover to the coup and to be certain of success they must grab the guns first.
    Too much risk otherwise since the flyover country is alerted after watching the disarmed city fools get rolled over by mobs.
    Vietnam and Afghanistan taught you cannot just hold the cities and win a war.

  5. With every passing day it becomes more and more obvious to more and more people exactly who the enemy in this country really is, that being the nasty cabal of Dirty, Disingenuous democRATs, their Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media and their Domestic Little Terrorists knowns as antifa. Real Americans are sick and tired of their bullshit!

  6. I think the Democrats should expatriate themselves since they feel so much guilt for past aggressions.

  7. I was watching sleepy creepy Joe conference. It was a pathet ic attempt to make himself relevant and to criticize our President.
    At the end after selecting specific press people and answering from prepared notes, he indicated he probably would be getting in trouble for taking a couple extra questions.
    He was covering the statue removals. At one point he was apparently trying to make reference to the Lincoln Memorial but mentioned Washington Memorial (sic) then changed to Jefferson Memorial and referred to taking Jefferson off his chair. Obviously, he must have been referring to Lincoln Memorial, which is the only memorial with a large seated President.
    I’m sure someone is compiling a new set of gaffes from today’s conference.

  8. replace rushmore as follows: holographic-grobama with b**t hanging out, alternately trying to hold up pants, twerking, operating ghetto-blaster & sail foam, kneeling on prayer rug

  9. WE, the family here, are so sick of this shit we are going to visit in early August. Why not, what better time?? We happen to be there once in ’89 but the crew, our boys, have not.

    If anyone is in the area, have @BFH or @C or @MJA give you my e-mail. I am serious!

    Deadwood Lodge here we come! Rooooad trip…


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