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Dem Presidential Hopefuls To Shun Powerful AIPAC

The Hill

Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination in 2020 are staying away from next week’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, in what progressive groups see as a sign of a shifting political tide.

Candidates’ announcements about not going to this year’s conference come after liberal group MoveOn called on 2020 Democrats to skip the gathering, which typically attracts a who’s who in politics and foreign policy and has hosted presidential candidates in the past. More

8 Comments on Dem Presidential Hopefuls To Shun Powerful AIPAC

  1. It won’t matter a damn bit.

    I’ve posted this before:

    Jewish 2016 Vote:
    Hillary 71%
    Trump 24%

    Perhaps President Trump will get 26% in 2020?

  2. The National Socialists/Democrat party are morphing just as expected, They’re at the “They came for the Jew” stage now.

    Time to stop these brown shirt fascists

  3. All the stupid self loathing Jews ought to realize by now that they’ve been hosed by the democraps just like the blacks and other minorities for the past 50 + or more years and wake up and smell the coffee. You’ve been used and they don’t give a damn about you, all they care about is power for themselves and they don’t give a shit who they have to trample in order to obtain it.

  4. LBS. I may be wrong but I feel some changing attitudes in some democrats I know. I don’t know that many, maybe 12, Jews, Blacks, Irish, Italian, but none of them are happy with the current crop of Demotards. And they were anti-Trump. I’m sure all this anti semite shit will help President Trump. We’ll have to wait and see.
    But right now, the entire crew of demotards in contention aren’t worth a spit to the working man or woman.

  5. Their field of “candidates” is apalling. They must have emptied the dum sheet box.

  6. Joos will overwhelming vote Dem even as they are being loaded in to box cars for free government supplied showers. That’s why the Dems can get away with treating them like shit while they cater to the muzloids. Battered wife syndrome rolled up into Stockholm Syndrome + Downs Syndrome and that most of the stupid rich dem supporting Joos!

  7. All this awareness of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), but no awareness of JINSA?

    “The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) is dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the Middle East, the cornerstone of which is a robust U.S.-Israeli security cooperation. JINSA believes that a strong American military and national security posture is the best guarantor of peace and the survival of our values and civilization.”

    Remember the USS Liberty–with friends like these, who needs enemies?

  8. The democrats are slowly shifting to becoming the party of Islam.


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