Dem Rebuttal Memo Offers Up A Whole Lot Of Nothing


A redacted version of the rebuttal memo from the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee was released this evening. You can read it for yourself Here

In a series of opinions and counter charges the memo attempts to uphold the FBI’s role in the FISA warrant abuse scandal while adding no new revelations beyond the materials the committee was able to uncover during the course if its investigation. The memo simply attempts to reinterpret what the committee had already found and reported. It’s pretty weak tea.

You can read House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes’ rebuttal to the rebuttal Here 




6 Comments on Dem Rebuttal Memo Offers Up A Whole Lot Of Nothing

  1. They never expected Hillary to lose, and had absolutely no Plan B for how they would address this crap if she did. They are systematically being taken apart by Nunes and no matter what they do to defend themselves it backfires. These guys are not used to being on the losing end of anything.

  2. “Dem Rebuttal Memo Offers Up A Whole Lot Of Nothing”

    Since when have they ever? Heck, even the blacks are abandoning the democrats because they’ve figured out they’ve been used as stooges for votes……just like the illegals.

  3. That’s why they dropped the Schiff Sandwich on a Saturday, in the aftermath of a school shooting. Used to be they’d do this sort of thing late on a Friday afternoon. I guess if it’s really bad optics they wait until we are deep into the weekend. Remember when Comey had them “interview” Hillary, without recording or notes, and not under oath, on a lazy Summer Saturday afternoon?

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