Dem Rep Thompson Gets “Maced” At Hearing on Voting Rights

Rep. Nancy Mace destroys Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a race baiter that longs for the days of actual oppression in order to keep her people victims so they she could remain in power, who maintains that blacks are disenfranchised by efforts to keep voter fraud in check. – 1:51:15 mark

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  1. I love how she started the discussion by establishing her non racist bona-fide knowing the optics of a white southern woman vs a black southern woman.

    Took that Ole race card right out of the deck and watched as the rest of the Demonrat house of cards came crashing down.


  2. What’s surreal to me is that we are even having to argue about this. So much time wasted to fight against what amounts to leftist gaslighting.

    Racism gaslighting is sounding our death knell.

  3. That was good, except I don’t understand why she turned that into a women’s participation issue In the end instead of a voter ID issue. What heck was she thinking?

  4. @Joepack

    I think she was just pointing out that if anyone is underepresented in Texas voting, it is women, but the black rep’s focus is on racial minorities because pushing black oppression is their game.

    IMO, underrepresentation is the fault of voters who could vote but don’t.

  5. TimBuktu, I think you’re right about that, but the much bigger issue is the libs fighting against voter ID. I think she missed a perfect opportunity.

  6. When I go to the bank, they never even ask who I am. I just walk up to the counter and ask for $300.00…$500.00…sometimes $1000.00. The teller just smiles and says “sure, will that be enough?”

    I say “ya, but I’ll be back tomorrow for some more.”

    Man, ain’t it good to be White!?

  7. I’m still waiting to hear how many people don’t have any ID.

    I’d guess that there are some druggies out in homeless camps who have lost theirs (usually after using them to get their SSI back when), and of course, there are the ones arrested who claim to not have ID on them at that time (but still have it). And illegals who shouldn’t be voting anyway.

    Other than that? Children who don’t yet have learner’s permits (and can’t vote anyway)? People who have been adjudicated mentally incompetent since childhood (and can’t vote anyway.)

  8. An elected incompetent suffering from cognitive dissonance who’s poorly serving her constituents.


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