Dem senate candidate Doug Jones is ashamed to say he’s from Alabama

Breitbart: Earlier this week, Alabama Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Doug Jones addressed a crowd gathered at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Daphne, AL to make a pitch for his candidacy.

During his speech, which was captured on video and posted to YouTube, Jones stressed the importance of his successful prosecution of those behind the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham in the late 1990s as a U.S. attorney during the Clinton administration.


While explaining the importance of that outcome, Jones said there had been times when he was hesitant to say he was from the state of Alabama when asked where he was from.

“In doing that case – in doing that and seeing the reaction when I speak all over the country where I talk about what it meant to the city of Birmingham and what it meant to the state – that has been as almost important to me on a personal level because I was finally able to get around, and you guys are going to know what I’m talking about. When you go outside Alabama, and you travel around the country – people say, ‘Where are you from?’ Let’s be honest – unless you’re talking about college football, there’s a little hesitancy, there’s a little hesitancy to say, ‘I’m from Alabama.’”  more here

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  1. I chose, after moving more than 30 times, to live in Alabama with my husband and son. I couldn’t be prouder to be an Alabamian except having this guy running for senate.

  2. Actually he’s rockin’ Lindsey’s 3 scotch droopy eyes & weak smile and McMuffin’s ginormous bulbous head, perhaps he should keep his mouth shut and just let people guess.

  3. So he’s gonna Make Alabama Grate Again, huh? He should pass out little red hats with “MAGA” on them.

    Oh, wait – there’s a bunch of those out there already, isn’t there?

  4. Every person I’ve ever met from Alabama were proud to be from the Heart of Dixie and had right to be. Some of the kindest, hard working folks I’d every met and they’ll stand-up and fight for their State and heritage.

    I knew Joe Davis and his family before he became Mayor of Huntsville, Alabama (served 20 years as Mayor).
    AT the time the Davis family were neighbors. I remember Joe having his wife move back to Alabama to stay with relatives before she gave birth to the youngest son. He said, “My children must be born in Alabama!”

    God Bless Alabama and those who call her their home.

  5. I have driven through Alabama over the past 45 yrs or so. What I found is some of the most incredibly decent, kind, and friendly people you will find on planet Earth. It’s a beautiful state.
    How anyone would vote for a governor that is ashamed of his state is beyond me.

  6. Alabama Democrat senatorial candidate Doug Jones: I’m embarrassed to be from Alabama.
    United States Democrat president Barack Obama: I’m embarrassed to be from the United States.
    I’m seeing a trend.

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