Dem Senator Chris Murphy (CT) Admits to Secret Meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister

He is desperate to restart 0bama’s Iran Deal.

Dan Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT) admitted today that he secretly met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, after a report surfaced yesterday claiming he and other Democrat Senators met with the official at the Munich Security conference.

Murphy tweeted a link to a Medium article he posted today, and wrote, “I met w the Iranian Foreign Minister in Munich. It’s dangerous not to talk to adversaries….” He claims he told Zarif that Congress is also responsible for U.S. foreign policy. read more

Pompeo Responds to Reports Democrats Secretly Met Iran’s Javad Zarif -Townhall:

“I have seen that piece about some senators meeting with Foreign Minister Zarif. This guy is designated by the United States of America. He’s the foreign minister for a country that shot down a commercial airliner and has yet to turn over the black boxes. This is the foreign minister of a country that killed an American on December 27. And it’s the foreign minister of a country who is the largest world sponsor of terror and the world’s largest sponsor of anti-Semitism,” Pompeo said. “If they met, I don’t know what they said. I hope they were reinforcing America’s foreign policy and not their own.” 

Senator Murphy, along with other Democrats, have repeatedly worked to preserve the deeply flawed Iranian Nuclear Agreement. The United States officially left the deal, struck during the Obama administration, in 2018. 

15 Comments on Dem Senator Chris Murphy (CT) Admits to Secret Meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister

  1. Trump needs to throw down here. Have the DOJ charge him with violating the Logan Act and if he’s found guilty, push to get him the maximum sentence. Make it very public, make it very plain. No one is above the law, not even democrats.

  2. Just another crime for the doj to ‘Decline to Prosecute’.

    Barr has done nothing. Nothing at all. Dems still walk free as a bird and Republicans still being hounded into prison.

    Fire Barr. Hire a real AG.

  3. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the DOJ (Re: now with Barr) was part of the 90 – 95% DC-based US government employees who (reportedly – various sources) contributed to the Democrat party in 2016.

  4. Trump is realizing that the Coup is over and that he has lost. Treason is now fashionable and the Democrats can proceed to destroy the Trump family so that ultimate imprisonment will be acceptable,,,,Hillary will end up with their empire. A game to the Left where the prize is your life . Trump is now being warned by the doj to back away and Murphy is in charge of foreign policy,,,,after all, someone needs to talk to our enemies.

  5. What’s the purpose of having laws again?? Oh, yea we can use them when the DOJ needs them. Otherwise they just collect dust. These people traveling over there are making promises on the next election cycle results.


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