Dem Senator Desperately Trying To Be Relatable Inspires Douche Chills Instead

Years ago newsfaker, Peter Jennings, was trying to be relatable when he went on remote for a story outside the upper west side. Not knowing a thing about anything one foot outside his bubble, Jennings wore a flannel shirt… and an ascot.

The quip at the time was that he looked like a “lumberjack at a wine-tasting.”

What an asshole.

But dem senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, says, “hold my Bordeaux,” and tweets out a nauseatingly insipid message.

There is so much wrong with this phony baloney picture and tweet I don’t know where to start.

How about we start here—->

David Burge on Twitter: "1929 Hoyt-Clagwell #DavesTractorIDService"

Green Fakers, starring Michael Bennet.

The button down collar tucked into the dark blue dry clean only denim pants makes me want to see him step on a rake, one with a nail in the handle.

Biden “tracked him down,” as if he is on the go at his farm in the valley -The Big Valley. It’s tough to be tracked down when all one has to do is call his cell phone.

If he doesn’t pick up, call his personal photographer who seems to be in tow.

He can talk about the seriousness of the child tax credit while he smiles and leans against his tractor with his hand casually tucked into his pocket. He’s a renaissance man. Renaissance Festival man, that is, where one cosplays.

Speaking of that tractor, check out how shiny and clean the wheels are. Oliver Douglas’s tractor is dirtier, and he’s on a sound stage in Hollywood.

Bennet’s tractor is a really rare one. It doesn’t leave tire marks in the land.

Oh, before I forget. SNS sent us a picture of Bennet’s tractor. It is in the North Fork Valley, on Big B’s Fruit Company, an apple picking farm.

It’s a prop, just like Bennet.

Is there anything more nauseating than a politician thinking he is fooling everyone?

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  1. …they’re not really even TRYING now. I get sweatier than that after an acre of mowing on my Husqvarna, and very few farmers farm in button down pressed shirts with tractors from the 1950s that dont leave tire tracks or get dirt on the treads.

    And did the photographer sit on his shoulders while he plowed his way out to the north 40? Why, if so? That aint a two man tractor really at ALL, although it certainly isnt impossible to think that a Democrat would want another man to sit on his lap on a bumpy ride…

  2. joe6pak
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 2:11 PM
    “Looks like a late model Hoyt Clagwell.”

    …I had Hoyt Clagwell once in my youth, but a li’l penicillin cleared that right up…

  3. Five will get ya ten the nitwit couldn’t keep a tomato plant alive for a week.

    The clueless bastard politicians frequently show up in photos of them with their family wearing Bermuda shorts and black socks.

  4. …oh, also, notice the sign behind the ACTUAL tractor picture says “COMPOST” at the top.

    …if he were standing below THAT, it would be truth in advertising indeed…

  5. Told his assistant to “…go out to the rural area and see what the little people are wearing, and buy me some. Oh, and don’t forget to press those blue jeans before you give them to me. Let’s take the photo next to that lawn decoration tractor that came with the house.”

  6. “He’s a renaissance man. Renaissance Festival man, that is, where one cosplays.”

    …that’s a great line. I tip my cap to your wordpay, sir..

  7. There are a lot of ways to kick someone’s bucket on a farm or ranch. It’s really only funny if you’ve never seen one of this brand of moron almost kill someone. They truly are a menace.

  8. Remember when Senator Bennet ran for the Presidency as a moderate? He and Senator Hickenlooper both ran as moderates and failed to gain any enthusiasm or primary votes. Either one of these scammers could be the most powerful Senators in Washington, D.C., if they just insisted on some moderation right now. These two cowards must be mighty afraid of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to be going along with Dementia Joe’s descent into madness.

  9. That’s a row crop tractor.
    Don’t see any row crops around.
    He’ll probably fool the fools.
    Otherwise, he wouldn’t have that job!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Yeah… all the farmers around here have creases in their jeans and wear long sleeve shirts in JULY. He thinks this is casual wear because the sleeves have buttons instead of cufflinks.

    Also, not only can you be tracked down anywhere when you have your cell phone with you, there is no need to wear a frickin’ watch –unless it’s one of those status symbol ones that cost as much as a tractor.

  11. I think that’s a ’50s vintage Allis Chalmers, but I could be wrong. Might be a CASE. I doubt that phony bastard could even start it, put it in gear and drive it away.

    @ JDHasty: You’re right. The summer after my senior year in HS I was working in a surgery ward as an orderly. We were taking care of a guy who’d managed to run over his pelvis with his own IH Super M. Crushed him. He was a mess…

  12. It’s like every federal politician and corporate asshole in the US always putting on a Stetson when they land in Texas. The only people in the room not wearing Stetsons are the actual Texans because they know that shit is really pandering, bigoted, and stupid.

  13. Reminds me of John Kerry during his run for the presidency, walking into a sporting goods store and saying “give me one of them huntin’ licenses”.

  14. I despise the way-overused term Renaissance Man. I think certain sports announcers started using that back in the 1970’s to try to put a little class on some athletes.

    Fr. Example: “Folks, see Bubba Baburlski on the D for the Raiders…well, he’s an art and wine collector and has a whole lot of French Impressionist art hanging in his house on his cattle ranch in Wyoming and also has a bottle of 1898 Lafitte in his cellar. Whatta guy….a true Renaissance Man.”

    Yeah, another Leanardo da Vinci. Rubbish from the idiotic media.

  15. JDHasty – my wife went to Florida for a week and the first thing she checked was whether I watered the tomaters. Yep I did!!! I was proud of myself. Not as good with the flowers on the front porch.

    Faux peoples make good (NPCs) democrats.😁

  16. Just like Bidumb carrying on about being middle class Joe and his father losing his job and growing up in Scranton.
    All bs.

  17. Yeah, I’m going to believe something like this from a failed lawyer who never did an honest day’s work in his life.

  18. OMG! Head over to his tweet; the comments are brutal! His supporters want to know why he’s doing photo ops instead of pushing their commie agenda and there are some conservative comments good enough to have come from IOTWr readers. My fave:

    “When did you rural folks get cell service? Next thing you know, there will be photocopiers and a Kinkos.”

    Hurry, before he takes the post down:

  19. My grandfather farmed. We always bought him gray Dickies work shirts and pants. He would wear them to town shopping and such until they started to show signs of age, then they became work clothes. Actual dress shirts and pants were only for church, weddings and funerals. Tractors were not yard art in those days.

  20. …best Twitter comment:

    “Papist in NOVA
    Jul 24
    Replying to
    Good grief. The entire MCU was less planned and staged than this pic.”

  21. …possible Michael Bennet theme song…

    “Riding on the range
    I’ve got my hat- on
    I’ve got my boots- dusty
    I’ve got my saddle
    On my horse
    He’s called (t-t-t-t-t-trigger)
    Of course

    I wanna be a cowboy
    And you can be my cowgirl
    I wanna be a cowboy
    And you can be my cowgirl
    I wanna be a cowboy”
    -“I Wanna Be a Cowboy”, Boys Don’t Cry

  22. The Green Acres tractor is actually a Fordson even though it was called something else on the show.. I just saw a documentary about tractors.

  23. @Super

    I Wanna Be A Cowboy.

    Funny song, and a funny video to go with it. His wife/girl looks disapprovingly on while he daydreams in the bathtub about being a cowboy.

    He does a funny bit about Indians on the warpath but the sound is of a east Indian guy, common in London, mumbling something or other.

    A very entertaining song, and pretty creative, IMO.

  24. Al Bebak
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 6:30 PM

    “A very entertaining song, and pretty creative, IMO.”

    …another funny thing about the video is Lemmy from Motörhead is in it.

    They’re not exactly the same genre.

    …I like the story about why he’s called “Lemmy”. Supposedly, it was something of an expected behavior for him to constanly say things like “Lemmy a fiver”. The Boys Who Cry Official post on that link says Lemmie did this video for the price of one bottle of vodka…

  25. @Hambone JULY 26, 2021 AT 6:29 PM
    “The Green Acres tractor is actually a Fordson even though it was called something else on the show.. I just saw a documentary about tractors.”

    Are you sure? With that big flywheel on the side, I thought sure it was a John Deere?

  26. Like John Kerry and his ‘hunting license’.

    These people really do believe there are enough people who believe their bullshit all the time. And they’re right.

  27. @Super

    Around the same time, Mid 1980’s, another song that was fun to listen or dance to: Don Quichotte. I don’t know how the group came up with the spelling, but it was about Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

    Crazy and funny stuff.

  28. @TonyR

    The documentary is being run from time to time all this month on The History Channel. It’s called ‘The Machines That Built America’. An entire episode is about the history of American tractors and that was one of the quiz questions before the commercial break. It is one of the more interesting shows I’ve seen on History Channel.

  29. Since the tractor is orange, it might be an Allis-Chalmers. I did see that it was what was called a tricycle tractor. My maternal grandfather had several back in the 60’s & 70’s. They are rare these days. Most brands of that style were phased out in the early 70’s as they rolled over very easy. Probably just like that clown in the photo beside it.

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