Democracy Dies in the Washington Post: WaPo op-ed argues for having elites decide presidential nominees

American Thinker:

The Democrats are a mess, with socialist and unelectable Bernie Sanders now the clear frontrunner among Democratic voters.  He can’t win.  But enough Democrats are upset at the leveraged buyout of their party by billionaire Michael Bloomberg that they’ve moved to the old socialist as a defense mechanism of sorts. 

So what better than to have elites pick the presidential nominee instead?

The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? Finding an answer means thinking about the purpose of presidential nominations, and about how the existing system falls short. It will require swimming against the tide of how we’ve thought about nominations for decades — as a contest between everyday voters and elites, or as a smaller version of a general election. A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.

Kid you not, that’s really what was written in today’s Washington Post.  That’s the solution being bruited about for the Democratic malaise by one Julia Azari, a leftist professor writing in the pages of the Washington Post.

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18 Comments on Democracy Dies in the Washington Post: WaPo op-ed argues for having elites decide presidential nominees

  1. What the heck does the Post think they’ve been doing, along with the rest of the MSM? They just do lip service for the DNC.
    Remember Superdelegates!

  2. This is how the GOP nominated the leftist GWB! Our “betters” said the vote in primaries that were not leftist were “out of order” and therefore not recognized! All hail GWB!

  3. Superdelegates were the elites for the Dems, and it didn’t work out well. Don’t try and sell that shit to the GOP.

    And no, we are not replacing the Electoral College with the Elite A-hole College, WaPo.

  4. Well, luckily as long as most of us are still armed, the Republic is still alive. Warning, don’t google Julia Azari. Just sayen.

  5. Omg, ya’ll.

    How do you not have a thread bumped up for this Dem debate.

    It is a barn burner.

    Amy Klobuchar became the first woman ever fucked by Saint Pete. This is brutal to watch. Brutally hilarious.

  6. Cliche Guevara

    It’s like the WWF on LSD. If your not watching you are missing out. Midget Mike getting his ass kicked. He’s no debater.

  7. They are all losers here.

    They’re bragging about closing coal plants and wanting to EO a ban on fracking. It’s like….what do you think those coal plants converted to?

    Nevada is consistently the #1 non-fuel mining state in the country.

    Bloomberg got owned by Warren over sexual harassment. Deer in the headlights. Butyigeig killed Klobuchar by pointing out that she is on a border committee and couldn’t name Mexico’s Presidente in a question and she stammered and stuttered and shook. They are all sucking.

  8. Here is a better idea.

    You are not allowed to vote unless you ARE a CITIZEN, PAY TAXES, LITERATE, NOT on WELFARE, and NOT IN JAIL.

  9. The way they’re throwing money numbers around I have to assume they all have investments in the companies that provide equipment for printing cash.

  10. Let the Party select the Dear Leader.
    Where have I heard that before?
    – China
    – USSR
    – Cuba
    – Venezuela
    – North Vietnam
    – Nazi Germany
    You get the point
    The Democrats just want themselves a dictatorship really really badly.

  11. “Democrat distrust of letting voters decide” Dictatorship
    But they’re all making a butt load of cash for their friends and family.
    None of the Trump family draws a paycheck and Trump donates his pay to different charities. Has a Democrat ever donated their pay?

  12. Problem with the rich elite; money gives them no more brainpower than the next guy in line, so why should they call the shots?


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