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Democrat cities that sought to defund police reverse course amid rising crime, cop shortages

JTN: Some Democratic cities that once sought to defund their police departments are now reversing course — some by their own volition, some under pressure from Republican governors or citizen-led initiatives.

The course corrections come as major cities have experienced more officers resigning or retiring and losing new recruits amid escalating crime and political vilification of police. 

In Texas, the Democrat-led Austin City Council voted last August to cut funding for the Austin Police Department by $150 million, slashing a range of services that one year later have proven to be sorely missed. Last month, the department announced it was no longer responding to non-life-threatening emergency 911 calls, and its homicide rate spiked. 

In response, a citizen-led movement collected enough signatures for a petition that resulted in adding a November ballot measure to restore police funding. 

The state’s Republican Legislature and governor, meanwhile, countered with a new law that would impose a range of penalties on large municipalities acting to defund police, including a provision that would divert a portion of the sales tax proceeds from offending cities to defray the costs of policing by the state’s Department of Public Safety.

At a recent press conference, Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan announced the state was investing $150 million in a “re-fund the police” initiative. His plan includes targeted funding for pay raises and bonuses, recruitment, funding for equipment and training, and a range of funding for services and grants, as well as a boost in funding for the Maryland Chiefs and Sheriffs Association.  read more

6 Comments on Democrat cities that sought to defund police reverse course amid rising crime, cop shortages

  1. My daughter goes to a university out of Toronto (Kingston)
    After Home Coming last weekend, the Kingston Politicians asked Toronto to send extra cops to Crack down on the mandatory vaccinated Kids who were all reasonably safe, letting off 2 years of steam and really no being that bad.

    The Kingston Cops wore no masks but the Toronto ones were masked.

    After this weeks breaking up of FUN, she called to tell me that NOW, after this Bullshit, the students are chanting DEFUND THE POLICE.

    Way to go politicians! Toronto Coppers & mayor should have refused.

    And incidentally, this weekend had more murders & shootings than usual with the PO-PO off in Kingston Busting Students!
    (still peanuts compared to US cities)

    Way to Win The Public! IDIOTS

  2. Gee, almost sounds like it’s part of some nefarious plan…get hundreds (thousands?) of experienced cops to quit/retire early, replace them with inexperienced young people fresh out of government indoctrination camps…change the entire nature of law enforcement in America…

  3. Fornicate them. All the police should quit and only leave maps of high value target behind. City Council, Congress persons, Judges, Lawyers, Open Society Foundations offices,etc.

  4. Finally, in news from the Left Coast: San Fransisco is now requiring proof of vaccination to poop on the sidewalks. No more of this silly, nilly-willy, irresponsible pooping on the streets of San Fransisco!


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