Democrat condescension is spawning the Tea Party 2.0

Patriot Retort: I’ve said before that the Democrats’ looking to ram impeachment down our throats reminds me of their 2009/10 push for Obamacare.  And now the pushback against impeachment is starting to feel like the Tea Party 2.0.

Have you noticed?

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  1. The fantastic political pro
    The fantastic go-to person


    She still doesn’t understand
    why the smellocrats lost both
    the house and senate in 2010.

    She’ll never understand
    Stand back and enjoy her own


  2. Never fear! It shall!

    Parties will be held. Some will even be called “rallies”. Money will be grassrooted to Soros minions. Because they’re Koch minions, this current day. And, tales will be told, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  3. I’m still here as an old Tea Party dues-paying member. Hopefully we add more patriots to the ranks, especially those who are 100% FED UP (not necessarily a plug for that blog, but hey . . . ) with the Dummycrat MOB (Miserable Obstructionist Bastards). The more, the merrier!! And yeah, I’m with Gin Blossom – if it’s a lynch party we need, then SO BE IT!!! ;^)

  4. TRF
    DECEMBER 18, 2019 AT 7:54 AM
    “Nancy, yer flying at 7,000 feet.
    The pilot just punched out and pulled the rip-cord.
    Good luck landing this plane, Cunt!”

    …she was probably “pilot trained” by Saudis, and right now, she’s just looking for the biggest building she can hit because, hatred….

  5. …given that “Obama” gave us President Trump, it’s reasonable that Pelosi will give us all Congress, and would have ALREADY but for cheating…


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