Democrat Debate 2020: Liberal Journalist Melts Down On His Viewers

*Language warning.

Liberal “journalist” Hasan Piker, employee of fringe fashion blog The Young Turks (TYT) and nephew of its found Cenk “Burg-Murderer” Uygur, had a reaction one might call “normal” to the first Democrat 2020 Presidential Primary debate – he thought it sucked.

However, when he made the mistake of using things called “reason” and “logic” while insulting – his words – any candidate that wasn’t “straight-white-male,” his own viewers started going nuts on him as their many heretofore irrelevant mental hypocrisies came to a head and their favorite liberals exposed their true nature. Hasan Piker’s reaction? Also normal – unless your job is Turkish propagandist.

17 Comments on Democrat Debate 2020: Liberal Journalist Melts Down On His Viewers

  1. Phuck, I despise liberals.

    Wake me when the next revolution begins…..I’m banking on it to put this country back where it was always meant to be; out of the reach of liberal commies.

  2. “…and nephew of its founder Cenk “Burg-Murderer” Uygur…”

    Did anyone else read that as Cenk “Bung-Murderer” Uygur”? LOL

  3. The 4 (Young Turk) plants in congress just got their asses handed to them by the Turtle. And he didn’t even have to try hard.



  4. Nauseating faggy little whiny S**T.
    It won’t take much to take him out.
    and I am an old dude…

  5. ^^^ I sure it wouldn’t take much to take him out.
    Dinner at the Anchor Oyster Bar and a Judy Garland movie aughta do it…


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