Democrat Forced To Remove Trump Sign, Will Replace It With An Even Bigger Banner

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Kevin Chambers is a local radio host in Bremerton, Washington, and a Democrat – albeit one with a good sense of humor. While out of town in November, a Republican friend put up a Trump/Pence 2020 field sign in his yard as a joke. The sign got defaced with graffiti, so another sign took its place – this time on 15-foot stilts.

That’s when, Chambers says, things got a little weird. Two days before Christmas, he received a letter from the city of Bremerton informing him that the new sign violated city code concerning commercial signs. And that’s when he became defiant. More

8 Comments on Democrat Forced To Remove Trump Sign, Will Replace It With An Even Bigger Banner

  1. ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ Good for him. He might even wake up and realize which party lives that and which party is full of closet power hungry totalitarians just itching to get their paws on the levers of government.

  2. His only complaint about President Trump is his use of twitter.
    He thinks he is doing a great job all around and does not like the far left tilt of the dems,I would not be shocked if he votes for P.Trump.

  3. that’s what I love about leftist
    so tolerant of every one’s point of view and their defense of your right to your opinion

  4. That’s a liberal for you! It’s ok for him to express his opinion by a sign at his house but it’s not ok for the President to address the people of this country by twitter.
    Trump uses twitter to quickly address the lies the media showers on him daily. I love Trumps tweets, and I view anyone trying to silence him in violation of our free speech. You can’t have it both ways Libs!

  5. Washington is another shithole state.

    Hat tip to the friend who posted the banner while the homeowner was away.

  6. My brother lives in this town, it’s a very beautiful community that has been completely infested with homeless vermin. Imagine that..,,

    While I love my brother he is a hopelessly misguided liberal as are 98% of the cities residents. Liberals destroy every thing of beauty in this world with their poisonous Marxism.

    It’s kind of sad really.


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