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Democrat Goon “Squad” Featured In New GOP Ad

Pairing the recent antifa terrorist attacks against ICE with the anti-immigration enforcement comments of the four members of the so called, “squad,” the GOP has generated an ad that mines the society destroying objectives of both. Watch 

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  1. These female clowns of “color” are presenting a gold mine of material for the GOP.
    In their attempt to destroy this country, they are destroying the democrat party and turning Nancy Pelosi who was giddy to take back the gavel into nothing more than a senile miserable old wretch – not that she wasn’t almost there already

  2. RNC gets it right for once. Let’s hope this is the start of a trend, but don’t forget the old adage: even a stopped clock is right twice/day.

  3. I’m not sure if this has been coordinated with the president, but think of the over all effect. The president forces the democrats to shield and embrace the squawk, then the GOP links the all girl wrecking crew with antifa terrorist.

    If this keeps up we’ll have a major of congress and the WH, The GOP had better not blow the opportunity because the nation will burn if the pendulum swings back left while the surviving America hating socialist / anarchist are left in charge of the dem party.

  4. FAZEbook lists this as, “Explicit content,” FYI. 😡

    Translation: “FAZEbook HATES the truth!”


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