Democrat Gov. PULLED Nat’l Guard Troops from Border to Spite Trump, Now BEGS Him for Help


In act of what she called “resistance” against the president, New Mexico’s Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham withdrew 118 National Guard troops from the state’s southern boundary.

She said she did it to counter what she called Trump’s “charade of border fear-mongering,” and as a “protest” against Trump’s move to ban “transgendered” troops from the U.S. military.

The results have been nothing short of disastrous, with drug smuggling activities “exploding” since her deranged move.

As the NY Post reported, Mexican drug cartels and possibly terrorists have been thriving in New Mexico since two border patrol checkpoints were shut down as a result of Lujan Grisham’s withdrawal — with a 1,700% increase in drug smuggling alone in just 3 months.

But now, Lujan Grisham is seeking the federal government’s assistance to manage the impacts of the border crisis on New Mexico.


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  1. Thank you, President Trump, for fighting the good fight on behalf of all true Americans. Godspeed always.

    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
    When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
    When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
    He washed my sins away (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    He taught me how to watch, fight and pray, fight and pray
    And live rejoicing every, everyday
    Oh happy day
    He taught me how
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)

  2. Libs will continue to destroy the greatest country ever if they hold the majority of positions of power. I’m so grateful Trump beat whatshername but our border and voter fraud are two issues I don’t see being taken care of.

  3. Strike up the bagpipe and kazoo band for a heart-felt performance of
    Who’s Sorry Now?
    Uncle Al, Oh God, that would be painful!

  4. Nothing cures liberalism faster than becoming a victim of their own belief. Suck it up buttercup.

  5. The President should be making 1 minute commercials highlighting this situation. NM WITH border control/NM WITHOUT border control. Run it everywhere for a solid week.

  6. Bravo Ivan!
    Can she bagpipe too?
    Must be a Republican.
    Bless her!
    Really pulled that one out of,,
    Don’t need to know,,,
    Got it!

  7. My four-year-old grandkid had to go to “the office” the other day for “making bad decisions”! That was probably more punishment than this stupid chick will ever suffer for hers!

  8. Sounds like the perfect state to drop more off.

    Drive the point home.

    Her home, to be exact. 999 Virtue Signal Lane

  9. Live with it indeed! Same for the citizens of NM! They voted her in. As a strangely famous former “president” once said, “Elections have consequences”.
    I’m having a lot of trouble finding any sympathy for the lefties responsible for this cluster – just for those who did NOT vote for the wretched bint.

  10. I’ve got to believe there is more we can do to convince Mexico to to control the flow of human debris toward our border. I would declare war on the bastards!

  11. her and her merry band of democrats wanted to spite The Man. Trump should announce that if she resigns help will be on the border in 2 hours, otherwise it will have to go through congress

  12. She should talk to her own Legislature. Each state has the right of self-defense along a national border. Raise some money at home, honey, and THEN go apologize to the President and request his help.

    What’s up with all the stupid Governors who don’t know their own Constitutions, let alone the U.S. Constitution?

  13. jellybean MAY 29, 2019 AT 12:04 AM
    Most lessons learned the hard way make the biggest impact.

    Experiential lessons are always the best. No guarantees, though.

    Turning the tables often wakes people up to their own awful ways, but some people never see themselves and the roll they have played even then. Plainly, it’s a denial of responsibility for one’s results in life.

    I know people like this to this day. Can be very frustrating when it’s in-your-face personal for you and they still don’t get it, even when they pay the price for their own folly.

    At least my ex is a strong Trump supporter after voting as a Where-da-free-s**t-Dem all her life. Having full-on SJW madness aimed at her while teaching at a community college did the trick. She went through the wringer for having ONE photo of a black man in her class lesson plan. Just a photo with no implication of anything one way or the other. She teaches photography.

    Whatever it takes. Thank you, Lord.

  14. If the republicans don’t show the people of NM how this democrat governor put all of them in danger they are idiots.

  15. “We want to control the state government, lets put a complete imbecile in the governors mansion!”

  16. Charlie WalksonWater May 29, 2019 at 12:10 am, Excellent! I wish President Trump would do that. Not sure if he would let the people who didn’t vote for her and her policies suffer the consequences of no action. Also, I’m not sure if she has the character to do the right thing and resign.

    However, I do like Dadof4’s idea – dump them all at her doorstep and let her do the suffering!

  17. She can do one of two things put the national guard back on the Border with an increased presence 3000-5000 troops. or continue to do nothing. If i was the president i would tell her shes on her own otherwise and all federal dollars for border security will be going to states that actually believe in it.


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