Democrat Harold Ford disgusted by Biden pitting ‘US companies against people’ – IOTW Report

Democrat Harold Ford disgusted by Biden pitting ‘US companies against people’

BPR: Former Democrat Rep. Harold Ford, now a Fox News contributor, gave President Biden a B+ for his State of the Union address, but he was critical of the president for pitting corporations against the people by calling out companies who aren’t paying their “fair share” in taxes.

His criticism perhaps fell a bit flat on Fox News, considering the plug he gave Big Pharma.

“I don’t like when American presidents pit U.S. companies against people,” Ford said. “I know what the president’s trying to get at. But we need a fair tax system, but Pharma was good to us during Covid. Big oil is important to us as we now find ourselves in a war in Ukraine. So, I think that ‘us versus them’ thing is not necessarily the thing to do. But we need a fair tax code.”

Biden said at one point in his speech, “I will pay for the ideas I’ve talked about tonight by making the wealthy and big corporations begin to pay their fair share. Look, here’s the deal. Big corporations aren’t just taking advantage of the tax code. They’re taking advantage of you, the American consumer.”

As for Big Pharma, they raked in billions of dollars in striking deals with the U.S. government for a vaccine that proved not to be all that it was promised to be. MORE

7 Comments on Democrat Harold Ford disgusted by Biden pitting ‘US companies against people’

  1. I will say that Harold is far more preferable to Jessica or Geraldo on The Five.
    They dumped Juan Williams and replaced him with the lightest skinned black dude they could find.
    He claims to be black but nothing about his speech, demeanor or countenance reflects that.
    I suppose he is just an old school dem who’s party left him behind long ago…

  2. Harold Ford is a self proclaimed Socialist and not that bright. Of course most Democrats are both. They’ve all failed econ 101. Any business is looking for X profits. X never changes. If you raise my cost of doing business I raise the price of my goods or services to achieve X. And if I can’t achieve X, I’ll lay off all of my employees, go home and watch the soaps. And the Government will need to look for new revenue to pay me and my ex employees while we lounge at home. Very stupid people.

  3. Harold Ford Jr comes from a long line of Memphis politicians. He is probably the most capable and least ideologically doctrinaire of the dynasty. He was unceremoniously shoved aside by the Obama machine in 2008 as too mainstream and too open-minded, and he then moved out of politics and into commentary.


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