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Democrat infighting escalates!

Democrat Barbara Boxer, the other U.S. senator from California, was at the Nevada convention and expressed her concern to Sanders in a phone call on Tuesday night.

“I feared for my safety and had a lot of security around me,” she said. “I’ve never had anything like this happen.”

barbara boxer

Reuters: Democrats chide Sanders after Nevada mutiny.

Infighting dogged the Democrats on Wednesday as Bernie Sanders’ campaign accused party leaders of bias against him and many Democrats urged Sanders to keep his supporters in check.

The tensions after a chaotic weekend convention in Nevada emerged as Republicans begin to rally around their own outsider presidential candidate, billionaire businessman Donald Trump, in the general election.

Trump, who has all but secured his party’s nomination, has turned his focus to November, outlining to Reuters on Tuesday proposals including scrapping financial regulation and the Paris climate accords. On Wednesday, he released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

More Democrats urged Sanders on Wednesday to take a stronger stand against his supporters’ uprising in Nevada over the delegate selection process. They said he did not go far enough in condemning the unrest, which included a thrown chair, yelling and threats to convention leaders.  more here


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  1. Too bad, so sad for you! Join the peon Americans who are living that fear everyday because of you and the rest of the worthless, pompous, despotic congress.

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