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Democrat Law Prof, Jonathan Turley, Calls On Pelosi To Apologize Or Resign


George Washington University Law professor and self described Democrat Jonathan Turley is calling for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to resign if she can’t maintain the dignity of her position.

“While many will celebrate her trolling of the president, she tore up something far more important than a speech. Pelosi has shredded decades of tradition, decorum, and civility that the nation could use now more than ever. The House speaker is more than a political partisan, particularly when carrying out functions such as the State of the Union address. A president appears in the House as a guest of both chambers of Congress. The House speaker represents not her party or herself but the entirety of the chamber. At that moment, she must transcend her own political ambitions and loyalties,” Turley writes at The Hill. “If Trump made the State of the Union look like Oprah, then Pelosi made it look like Jerry Springer.” More

24 Comments on Democrat Law Prof, Jonathan Turley, Calls On Pelosi To Apologize Or Resign

  1. Poor Turley.
    He just don’t get it.

    Smart guy, but locked in the ivory tower too long.
    Pelosi’s lust for power and greed for ill-gotten gains outweighs any sense of honor, decency, comity, polity, propriety, religiosity, self-awareness, and moral sensibility.
    She is locked in a Hell-spiral of her own design and can see nothing outside that tunnel. The petit mals don’t seem so petite, anymore.

    She can smell the burning sulfur and feel the heat of the fiery gate.

    Only she can turn herself back and renounce evil – and my guess is that she won’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. an apology would mean less than nothing for nancy, nor most democrats.
    Republicans need to focus on the corruption brought to center stage during the impeachment proceedings………….

  3. And Turley needs to pull his head out too! The President making the SOTU “look like Oprah”? PLEASE!!

  4. Of course this Louse Speaker won’t vacate by her own volition. No one could expect such dignity from her.
    But Turley raises a point that should be applied to all these career professional grifters. They must be required to separate their partisan machinations from their official Duty as Office holders. IOW, talk shit (lie) to your media collaborators out on the curb but don’t bring that shit to the Podium.
    Would she do that? No!
    But call her out on it. And Romney too.

  5. Right before the speech somber and sad Nancy prayed for America and the President. God spoke to her and said to rip up the speech. She did God’s work, so there’s no reason to get all excited over resigning or apologizing. In fact, we should apologize for mentioning that she should apologize and then further apologize for being so racist as to elect orangemanbad.

  6. A democrat apology is almost always far more offensive than the thing for which they are apologizing. It’s always “to those who were offended, I’m sorry that you were offended…”

    A true apology requires an acknowledgement that the thing they said, did, or failed to do was wrong and that they are sorry for doing or saying the wrong thing. A democrat apology amounts to them saying that you (the victim/ offended person) are a sorry son of a bitch for being offended by what they said or did since there was nothing wrong with what thay said or did.

    So no, I don’t want Nancy to give a democrat apology. I want her out of our government forever.

  7. Also every ad of every Republican running for every house seat (and every anti-democrat 527) needs to end with: “Remember, a vote for (fill in name of democrat [Marxist] running for the seat) is a vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Don’t believe their lies AGAIN!”

    In 2018 many (most?) of the freshmen democrats who took seats away from Republicans ran on a platform of opposing Pelosi for speaker and unfortunately there were enough moron voters who believed that outrageous, obvious lie.

  8. And one more thing. The linked Townhall article is very wrong in claiming “the left” is taking over the democrat party. There are only 2 factions in the democrat party: (1) evil anti-American Marxists who are dumb enough to tell the truth (e.g. AOC and the rest of “the squad”, Bernie Sanders, etc.) and (2) evil, anti-American Marxists who are smart enough to lie to the voters (e.g. Pelosi, Pete Buttipirate, Bloomberg, etc.). The democrat party is 100% left, but the ones smart enough to lie about that are being taken over by the stupid ones who tell the truth about their leftism.

    Actually there is a faction of the Republican party that includes Mitt Romney and Fred Upton (among many others) that fall into that second group, too.

  9. Pelosi is a malignant narcissist. So are most of the crazies drawn to the denocrat party.

    Pelosi would see the US die before she would lose any of her power – or attention. She is as poisonous as clinton – perhaps worse.

    The only good pelosi is a corpse. Even then, we have to get rid of her rotten carcass somewhere.

    Pelosi’s existence makes the case for abortion.

  10. Ah-ight… Imma type this real slow… Since Mr. Turley doesn’t seem to be the only one incapable of grasping… things…

    If you name a beagle… with explosive diarrhea… your class valedictorian… and you stand it on the podium… and wait for the Speech That Will Transform Your Future Lives™… it’s not the beagle’s fault it shits itself… and the podium… and the stage… and the Dignity Of The Office™. And “calling it out” for shitting itself… and the podium… and the stage… and the Dignity Of The Office™… will not… can not… ever… change… anything! Not the beagle. Not the beagle’s actions. Not your mental capacity.

    And… on that note (which, perhaps, I should have noted… sooner), I’m out.

  11. they don’t even apologize when they’re caught in blackface. that’s only for republicans to do. republicans apologize for breathing.

    i’m thinking of becomeing a democrat.
    why not? heck, you can call a black man a fing n… and nothing at all will happen to you.

  12. She’s “Praying for Trump because he’s on the wrong track.”
    Isn’t a prayer from Pelosi like a curse from the devil?

  13. @ JD: She already has and continues to do so. She did during the entire SOTU address. And the shit she ate was her own bat guano that she shook off her scrofulous, leathery wings. Hence the odd lip movements and head shakes as she swallowed.


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