Democrat Massachusetts Mayor Facing Federal Fraud Charges Refuses To Resign


A 26-year-old Massachusetts mayor once regarded as an up-and-coming Democratic star gave a PowerPoint presentation to defend himself at a news conference Tuesday in the face of federal fraud charges brought against him.

Jasiel Correia was elected mayor of Fall City, Massachusetts, in 2015 and was charged Thursday with nine counts of wire fraud and four counts of filing false taxes, reported MassLive. He said he would not resign Tuesday after pleading not guilty to the charges, reported MassLive.

“This is America, and I am presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” Correia said Tuesday according to the Associated Press. “I will not allow political enemies to remove me from office for their own selfish agendas.”

Correia is accused of wrongly using $230,000 of money invested in his app, SnoOwl. Prosecutors say Correia spent the money on “personal items like airfare, luxury hotel stays, adult entertainment, dating services, designer clothes and a Mercedes,” reported MassLive.  MORE

5 Comments on Democrat Massachusetts Mayor Facing Federal Fraud Charges Refuses To Resign

  1. “… I am presumed innocent until proven otherwise … “

    haven’t been keeping up w/ the latest Supreme Court hearings, have we?

    & if you got to resort to a Powerpoint Presentation … you’ve already lost … buh bye

  2. Just signed up Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch for SnoOwl just for the Hoots

    What’s a Hoot?

    Reach customers while they are shopping, not while they are catching up with friends or updating their profile status.

    Send out hoots to reach the people around your business, not just your followers. You define the radius, SnoOwl delivers your message.

    Engage potential patrons with photos, videos, and coupons.

    I’m a spotter, and i spotted what Dennis and Jasiel needed. each other.

  3. Fall River Mass.
    Not Fall City.
    If they were to give Massachusetts an enema (which it sorely needs), Fall River is where they’d put the hose.


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