Democrat Minnesota State Senator Accused of Sexual Harassment

“Yep, yep, that’s a good door-knocking ass.”

Minn Post-

Dan Schoen, who was presented with the allegations in a meeting with MinnPost, was aware of each incident but said in a subsequent statement that the allegations are “either completely false or have been taken far out of context. It was never my intention to leave the impression I was making an inappropriate advance on anyone. I feel terrible that someone may have a different interpretation of an encounter, but that is the absolute truth. I also unequivocally deny that I ever made inappropriate contact with anyone.”

“Despite this, if any of my actions or words have ever made another person feel uncomfortable or harassed, I deeply regret it and truly apologize,” Schoen continued. “This is not who I am nor is it the person I would want anyone to feel I am.”

Port, a small-business owner, had recently announced her plans to run for a state House seat in the Burnsville area. At the DNC event, she was chatting with other candidates and state legislators about her busy summer knocking on doors — a common campaign activity — when Schoen, then a representative in the House, stepped back to look at her from behind. “‘I can tell when a candidate is doing a good job knocking on doors by checking out their ass,’” Port says Schoen told her. “He said, ‘Yep, looks like you’re doing a good job.’”

The group quickly moved on to other topics, but about 15 minutes later, Port recalled, O’Malley showed up at the event and she made her way over to meet him. Right as she was about to greet O’Malley, Schoen came up from behind her and grabbed her buttocks. According to Port, Schoen then said: “Yep, yep, that’s a good door-knocking ass.”

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15 Comments on Democrat Minnesota State Senator Accused of Sexual Harassment

  1. Say what you want Schoen but your entire Dem party has left no doubt about democrats propensity to lie, bullshit and corrupt.

  2. Is the sexual harassment thing getting a little ridiculous these days? I think it is. I don’t care if this guy is a Dem or not, I’m seriously getting sick and tired of people getting so fucking offended over simple eye-rolling comments. Yep, I guess I’m “victim” bashing in this case.

  3. Bman: she said he approached her a second time after the first comment and placed his hands on her ass and repeated his comment. The hands on might be pushing it a little don’t yoyu think?

  4. You know, one time I could let it slide. It’s just words and I would have called Mr. French’s slow brother a creep and maybe start mentioning what happened to others in the office. Get that gossip rolling.
    But come around again and get handsy, too? Fuck that shit. He’s wrong and he’s toast. And I’d have gone to his nearest Republican competitor and started some shit.

  5. “But when it comes to a member of the House or Senate, who hold election certificates, things become less clear. In that case, the House policy simply says it will be handled by “leadership.” “I think the culture is the same as it is in a lot of places, except that we don’t have a natural recourse,” Maye Quade said. “Ultimately, it’s the voter’s decision.” ”

    Well, dear. The problem is no one SAYS anything to the public in the first place. State legislators are just as bad as the ones in Congress. They don’t use the dirty info for the good of the public, they use that info for what they themselves can prosper from.

  6. Notice that it’s ben damn near all Democrat party supporters/members/politicians that have been called out? It was tried on Trump and the effort disintigrated but with the Dems it’s sticking. Even the ones that could hardly be actual sexual harrasment (sometimes a compliment) are sticking like glue. I wonder why the black Democrats aren’t getting it yet? I gues color trumps sex in Social Justice Euchre.

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