Democrat Operative Blows The Lid off Democrat Voter Fraud in Texas

This is gold.

National File: Legendary Texas Democrat operative Gerry Monroe is blowing the lid off 2020 voter fraud in Harris County, Texas, which houses the city of Houston. As NATIONAL FILE has extensively reported, the Joe Biden campaign’s Texas political director Dallas Jones was implicated in a voter fraud scheme which saw a campaign assistant for Sheila Jackson Lee submitting fraudulent paper ballot applications on behalf of dead and unaware voters. Gerry Monroe will be interviewed on NATIONAL FILE TV (live on Twitter) in the 11 AM ET hour on Thursday August 5. Here is Gerry Monroe laying out some evidence: MORE

9 Comments on Democrat Operative Blows The Lid off Democrat Voter Fraud in Texas

  1. Oh boy! We get to see another Democrat skate free even though implicated in illegal activity.
    Sheila J. Lee should be arrested. There’s no way she didn’t know anything.
    And the courts don’t have the spine to do anything.
    We all know the election was full of fraud but we don’t control the apparatus.

  2. So true, Beachmom. And when all of these fraud revelations are brought up again next year, the media will say, “We covered it last year, it’s old news” and act like something was done about the fraud simply by the fact of its revelation.

    That a “Legendary Texas Democrat operative” is performing this limited hangout makes me suspicious as hell about what the real endgame is with this.

  3. How many instances are needed to make it “widespread” voter fraud. Just curious, I know it’s pointless.

  4. I just read a headline (somewhere) this week that the 2020 national election had an estimated 8.1M illegal votes. This is not just a swing state problem. This is why Oblowme’s regime try to destroy True the Vote and Catherine Engelbrecht, who, by the way, has known about the election fraud in Harris county, TX, since 2006.

  5. Either he has truly had enough of the fraud or perhaps one of his friends got cheated?
    Either way, AG Paxton and the DA need to jump on this. Because this is the stuff that starts audits.

  6. The establishment Republicans will run their mouths and try and make like they are upset. It’s all Kabuki theatre.

    Democrat voters are fine with vote fraud, establishment Republicans are fine with the status quo, John Roberts is down for the struggle


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