Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘I Would Love’ To Regulate Speech

The Federalist: In a segment on CNN Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) lamented that the First Amendment prevents him from regulating speech.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked the congressman if he missed an opportunity to hammer Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the search engine’s vulnerability to be co-opted by foreign governments and bad actors. In response, Lieu said he wished he could regulate speech.  MORE

15 Comments on Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘I Would Love’ To Regulate Speech

  1. Man and I was just going to bed. Language alert, This cock Sucking Communist steps over the line hourly. But he showed his true colors here. He’s an Asian communist. A dickless Constitutional hating piece of shit. Why is he living in my country trying to impose his will on me. He better hope shit doesn’t go militant in this country. He’ll be in he top ten. Remember, I am a comedian.

  2. Wow, Brad, now tell us how you really feel? And don’t let back this time. Think he was the only murdered person on McHales Navy.

  3. So Ted wants to “overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision”. I guess stare decisis only applies to Roe v Wade, huh Ted?

  4. This guys a Viet Kong piece of shit plant. Not joking. His former boss Leeland Lee send his regards from prison.

  5. If correctly quoted, then he needs to be schooled in his OATH OF OFFICE and/or questioned before his next re-election, whether he will follow the >US< Constitution and ALL of the Bill Of Rights.

  6. The Founding Fathers knew how to deal with such buttweasels.

    – traitor
    – tar
    – feathers

    Some assembly required… 😡

  7. Hitler spelled out his whole plan in “Mein Kamp”, muhamad did the same in his “holy book”. But few took them literally. . . at first. Despots first and foremost are egotists who always tell the world their hideous agendas and then dare the world to stop them.

  8. That’s my congressman!

    I can only assume that he wants the administration to regulate speech, I can’t imagine that he would think a single legislator had authority over the president. So he should be willing to submit to whatever controls Trump and his administration impose.

  9. @Anonymous December 13, 2018 at 3:36 am

    > Man, it’s coming.
    > Get ready.

    I am sooo ready! I’ve got a twenty year supply of AAA’s. When stuff hits the fan, I’ll defend from this couch. Here is where I’ll make my final set. Me… my remote… and Muh Constitution!


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