Democrat Senator Mark Warner: Trump Deserves Credit for Punching Back at Russia

Warner, a Russia-Collusion hoax participant, has something nice to say about President Trump ‘fighting back against Russia’?
The balls on that guy…

PJM: While his fellow Democrats all but accuse (or even go so far as to accuse) President Donald Trump of treasonous collusion with Russia, Democratic Senator Mark Warner (Va.) has a completely different view. In an interview on PBS’s Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, Warner said that the president actually deserves credit for allowing the United States to “punch back” at Russia and to use its “offensive capabilities” against Moscow’s cyber attacks.

That’s interesting enough, of course, but Sen. Warner added that Trump has made it “a lot easier to take action against Russia than former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama,” the Daily Wire reports.

“To give the Trump administration some credit here, [they allowed] for us to punch back in the cyber domain, which, both under Obama and Bush, we were reluctant to do,” Sen. Warner told Hoover. She then asked him whether the United States “took an offensive posture in cyber and actually was able to shut down Russian troll farms” in 2018.

“I’m not going to comment on the specifics,” the senator from Virginia responded. “I can’t comment on things that fall into the intelligence realm, in terms of specific actions. What I can comment on is that President Trump made it easier for the United States government to use some of our offensive capabilities.” read more

5 Comments on Democrat Senator Mark Warner: Trump Deserves Credit for Punching Back at Russia

  1. Guess which democrat VA Senator is up for re-election next year?

    Sorry. Dude is simply backing away from the insaniacs in his party so as to appear to be normal.

    He is far from normal. He’s a libphuck. Don’t let his posturing fool you.

  2. Oh yeah. They’re real tough criminal hypocrites
    for beating up on the Russians they paid to make
    up dirt about the President before AND after he was Elected.


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