Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell accused Tucker Carlson of colluding with Russia

DC: Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell accused Tucker Carlson Friday of doing the bidding of Russia — and the Fox News host did not take kindly to that. 

Tucker asked, “In the case of today’s memo, what specifically have I espoused that empowers threats to our country?

“You’re peddling the narrative that the Trump administration is putting out,” Swalwell said, “Which also is the Putin narrative, because they’re retweeting this with their Russian bots.”

“So I’m working for Putin too? I wonder, if you perceive the total collapse…” the Daily Caller co-founder responded.

“If you’re on the same side as Wikileaks and Putin, you should take a step back and wonder whose bidding are you really doing?” the Democrat said.

“I don’t even know what to say,” Carlson responded. “I don’t want to explode on TV so I’m just going to end this segment now. Let the record reflect you’ve accused me of working for a hostile foreign government. We’ll be back soon.” WATCH

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  1. It is too rich watching American Communists redbaiting. Everything they do support the Soviet Agenda. Russia watching Iran’s nukes. Russia dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons program. Selling our uranium to them.

    Yet, they see a cossack under everyone else’s bed. Try looking in the mirror.

    And then they have the unmitigated gall of accusing anyone of being Putin stooges.

    Democrats are the Gazprom of gaslighting.

  2. I watched this when it happened and it made my stomach hurt. The people in the studio audibly gasped when the congress critter told Tucker he was a criminal. THIS is their narrative people, you need to pay attention and don’t ask who Rep. Swalwell Is–he is the enemy.

  3. I think Swallowswell better watch his ass. Tucker still owns the Daily Caller and there may be some investigations done on the Rep in CA. lol

  4. The congressman was extremely slimy. If ever there was going to be a poster boy for a Hitler Youth outreach program, it would have been him.
    He also looks to have mastered the skill of overtalking your opponent to make sure they can get their points across.

  5. At times, I think well maybe there is a Russian thing going on because some smart people think there might a little stupidity, but the guys like this douche and Shitty Schif say their piece. Then I think there is nothing to this Russian thing or they would not send out the morons to peddle it. I almost feel sorry for this guy. He has no idea he is a patsy. When it blows up you can get Pelosi will say I wanted to do an investigation, just to make sure. It was these guys accusing people of being unamerican.

  6. Tucker dropped the hammer on this smug leftist a-hole. I’d love to see this rodent “corrected”, a la Stanley Kubrick.

  7. The fucking democrats are in full blown delusional McCarthyite mode:

    “…And you’re a Russian agent!!!… And you’re a Russian agent!!!… And so are you!!!… And so is your dog!!!… Someone call my mommy!!!.. I just shit myself!!!…”

  8. More will be revealed.

    Tucker remained pretty calm, on the outside.
    Controlled. Already pondering his next moves.

  9. Just remember fellas, McCarthy has been vindicated by history, especially by the Venona Papers.

    Not only was Joe absolutely correct about commies infiltrating every aspect of our government/society, in point of fact, he didn’t even know the half of it.

    Please don’t disrespect the memory of a brave American who stood up against the evil, Godless communist hell-bent on destroying the United States. A plot that continues to this day via the UniParty.

    That’s why both parties are fighting so hard to avoid revealing their treachery!

  10. If the Ken doll had a gay brother, his name would be Eric Swalwell.

    I change the channel when he or his ilk come on. At this stage of my life I don’t want to be gettin no ulcer.

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