Democratic National Convention postponed

FOX: The Democratic National Convention will be postponed until August due to coronavirus concerns, planners said Thursday, in a historic and stunning change to the presidential election calendar.

The convention committee said the event will be held the week of Aug. 17, in Milwaukee, Wis. It was originally slated for July 13-16. read more

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  1. They should just cancel the convention and have the DNC appoint someone they want as the candidate.

    That’s the reality of what they do anyway, the convention is just a show to make their membership think they are participating in the selection.

  2. Completely meaningless. They’ll run a stooge like Biden in the election, Trump will win, and then we’ll continue having leftist policies shoved upon us, just like this economic shutdown that no republican wants but all democrats want.

  3. …they’re having more trouble than they expected because “Michelle” wants to wear something “backless” when they “draft” “her”, and since “her” back hair hasn’t been shaved in the last 3 years, it’s so tough and wiry that they can only do a little bit each day; and the process isn’t helped by how fast it grows BACK, or that, if there’s ANY pulling or tugging that she roars in pain and instinctivly eats “her” barber immediately…

  4. The Dementiacrats are postponing the Full Catastrophe Convention! They are the ones who would postpone the election if they could, because they know that Dementia Joe Obiden Bama is going to take down the whole rotten collection of professional politicians. Obiden Bama can’t grow a new brain in one month, but he might be persuaded to retire to the Sunny Day Home for Mental Wellness before August if Jill gets a huge stipend.

  5. Bernie Sanders is gonna want an extra beach front house to make up for the delay in throwing the primary to Slo Joe.

  6. They’ll end up canceling the whole thing. Which is a pity, since Hillary was looking forward to visiting Wisconsin for the first time.

  7. Still trying to sober up HRC?
    Good luck widdat!

    If she quit drinking for 7 years her BAC would still be higher than most drunk drivers.

    Oh, well … whatever … more machinations …

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I wonder what crazy stuff Biden is going to do in the extra month he has before he’s done being a placeholder.

  9. Tim, I understand that the deceased Ted Kennedy is still intoxicated. No smoking within 20 feet of his corpse or there might be a flash fire. The Hildabeast is working hard to catch up in the embalming with alcohol process.

  10. Postponed to Aug 17 the 100th anniversary of Women’s suffrage, what a cowinkydink, I smell the reptilian breath of the Lizard Queen all over this.

    The Demon Nominating Convention is a wholly owned subsidiary of Murder Inc, and Madame Cyberhack is I going to be the nominee.

    Joe will step aside on day 1 as he was only ever a placeholder for Hillezibub.

  11. @ Braden

    Fake News.
    Teddy is sober now. He spends all his time chasing Amelia Earhart and yelling, “Let’s go ’round-the-world, dollface!”

  12. Now Antifa will have to hope their employers will let them change their vacation dates.😂🤣

  13. I believe I was in first with the prediction that the Democrats would come up with pretext to cancel their 2020 nominating convention. They are setting the stage right now. If not cancelled it will be an online virtual convention. The Democrat hierarchy cannot brook the thought of not being in total control of the Democrat mob. They are not a Party, they are a cobbled together coalition of butthurt misfits and malcontents, each relying on the others to have their back. The problem with that is that there are too many competing interests and that competition had lead to open hostilities.

    What we are witnessing is jockeying for position in the intersectionality lottery that they are now wedded to is leaving some behind and the losers are decamping and placing side bets with other disaffected members of the coalition.

    The Democrat leadership would rather have irrelevant, than lose control of those who remain.


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