Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar reportedly ordered staffer to clean comb after she used it to eat salad

FOX: Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar on Friday faced fresh accusations of belittling staffers, with a new report relaying a bizarre allegation that she’d berated a staff member for failing to bring her a fork with her salad.

The alleged confrontation, as reported by The New York Times, got weird.

According to the newspaper, the aide who neglected to get plastic utensils for Senator Klobuchar, D-Minn., committed the affront at an airport while traveling to South Carolina in 2008. Klobuchar not only chastised the aide, but reportedly proceeded to eat the salad using a comb from her bag — then handed the comb to the aide and told him to clean it.

The anecdote swiftly became social media fodder late Friday, but also added to the many claims of Klobuchar demeaning staff members over the course of her Senate career.

A spokesperson for Klobuchar did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the Times article, which contained other accounts of the senator tearing into staff.

According to the report, former aides said she was “not just demanding, but often dehumanizing.”

Another recent report said Klobuchar often criticized staffers and directed them to “only speak when spoken to” at events. The Huffington Post reported that the conduct got to a point that then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told her to change her behavior.  read more


25 Comments on Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar reportedly ordered staffer to clean comb after she used it to eat salad

  1. Hehe, I retweeted Furs Tweet about this. Here is my comment:

    Eeewwwuuuu, she used a dirty comb to eat her salad with? Doesn’t she know how filthy combs can get? Barf!


    BTW, when I lived in MN, I gave her the nickname Amy Klobberchair. Had no idea she was vicious or mean to her staff; I was just so sick of the god-like reverence the left had for her. Never said it to any of the libs I knew, but smiled to myself when they talked about her.

  2. Thanks to the people of Minnesota for giving us such wonderful people.

    Q: If Klownbasher finds herself in a stall with no toilet paper does she use her toothbrush?

  3. The Kitchen Test….Literally…How You treat Your Staff

    is how You’ll treat Your Constituents …Or People in General

    History has shown that all Lefties view everyone is beneath them

  4. As a long-suffering constituent of the long line of lame Senators and governors, as well as that bigoted Muzzie congresswoman, that I’ve had to put up with here in Minnesota, I demand reparation!

  5. How about, “would you be a dear and run and grab me a spork?” WTF is wrong with these fools?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Bobcat for the win!

    All you need to know about a person’s character can be found in how they treat those that “wait” on them.

  7. A Lazlo test for prospective Ladies of Interest is how they treat staff. Wait staff, hotel staff, any support staff.
    If they abuse the help, they are of suspect character.
    A service position is honest work. Often thankless, and by no means a marker for intelligence or ‘station’ in life.
    Bitches treat the staff like crap they odds are they also have a foot or ankle tattoo.
    That means they will cut you when you sleep

  8. They banned the metal ones at my HS during the race riots of ’74. You could stab 4or 5 cherry tomatoes with those things.

  9. I spent 36 years in the bowels of the bureaucracy (House) and more were megalomaniacal assholes than otherwise.
    Pretty sure the Senate is similar.

    Their disdain for all beneath their “station” is palpable.

    They are god, and you aren’t.

    Despise and humiliate those who are willing to be despised and humiliated.
    It’s symbiotic. Remember Cynthia McKinney? Adam Clayton Powell? Jim Wright? Barney “Fag” Frank? Gerry Studds? Dan Rostenkowski? Wayne Hays? John Dingell? That keg of scotch Ted Kennedy? Steny Hoyer? Nancy Pelosi? That drunken sot D. Patrick Moynihan?

    Insufferable assholes, all.

    Seems to go with the territory.

    izlamo delenda est …


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