Democrats are disintegrating

American Thinker: The Democrats have just effectively wrapped up a grand primary of two big contenders – that of the flaming hot socialism/communism of the Bernie Sanders camp, and the slightly sanitized version of the same from the rest of the large clown-car field, the latter finally consolidated around weak Joe Biden. Biden doesn’t actually stand for anything, but he has the old Obama establishment behind him. 

And for a lot of Democrats, that’s not satisfactory, particularly as Biden continues to show himself to be a man beneath the office he seeks, stumbling, gaffing, losing his thoughts, getting frustrated, drifting off and sounding for all the world like an addled old man who belongs at the dog tracks. That’s on top of Biden’s mile-high political baggage — everything from sex harassment and handsiness with the little girls, to bona fide corruption. And he’s gotten very, very rich while in public office.

So it’s no surprise that the talk continues of getting someone else, someone the Democrats can at least be excited about. The coronavirus crisis has enabled that new trend to emerge – that of Democratic governors, not garden variety pols. The coronavirus has enabled them to move front and center, and the calls for bringing on one of them, Andrew Cuomo, to the top of the ticket, keep coming.

They really are different in kind rather than degree from what Democrats have had on offer for the past few elections. A couple things stand out: One, that they are governors, not Senators, not talking head pols whose main qualification is their speeches, and whose only experience lots of talk, lots of left-wing extremism devoid of any real-world experience, and a low-achievement record in the Senate. Think how many senators the Dems have put on offer to their voters since Barack Obama changed the political model from Bill Clinton-style compromise and moderation (and note that Clinton had been a governor) to the screaming leftist senator model proposing extremism — first in the Hillary Clinton that followed him, and then Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar and a couple of others. They all ended uniting around super-senator himself Joe Biden, not just a former senator but as a former vice president, the president of the Senate.

The emerging governor model is not only apparently pragmatic (although if you look close, it isn’t – the one-party blue state stagnation and social disintegration still needs to be answered for), who with the coronavirus era, show signs of taking actual charge. There’s also something else pretty interesting about them – instead of the Trump-derangement-syndrome of the senators, they’re actually winning points paradoxically by praising President Trump. We see this in California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, and in New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The old-tyme pol behavior of allies of convenience is a big difference from the TDS we see elsewhere among the Democrats. Here’s Gavin Newsom’s rather unexpected remarks just yesterday:


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  1. Gee Wally, how do you know yer at a democRAT party?

    Well Beave, I’d say the big white punch bowl with a seat and a lid is a dead give-away!

  2. When I saw the thumbnail graphic I said, ‘holy shit’, we just went to Home Depot this afternoon to get a few things and a terlet seat was one, of course the screws we were given are too short!! Good grief.

    Step II in the ‘Terlet Papers Wars of 2020’, upgrade seat.

  3. They are like roaches. They are working behind the scenes to cheat their way into the White House and sadly Rhinos will probably help them

  4. It’s nothing more than a big game, a giant game, perpetuated by the liberal democrats and IF we win, the game starts over…..If THEY win….. it’s winner take all and they play for keeps.

  5. If we want to change the whole atmosphere on our side of the equation it will mean getting rid of that underhanded rat McConnell. The prick works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep his opposites in power {Shumer/Pelousy} while at the same time keeping an overstock of rhino’s on our side.
    Our only hope of gathering momentum for a revival of ethical leadership is for him to be ousted or he’ll just hand pick a replacement to continue his corruption.
    He can be traced to many of the stumbling blocks in front of Trump and creates the limitations on most all of the changes needed to regain sanity back in our government.
    The dems have edged way to the fringe and with a ethical and inspiring leader representing the republican party we can crush them for years to come.


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