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Democrats Bringing ‘Dreamers’ to State of The Union Address

A number of Democrat senators and house members have invited illegal immigrant “Dreamers” to this year’s State of the Union Address. Fox News commentator, Todd Starnes has perhaps the best suggestion for how these uninvited guest to the country should be treated by the administration.  Here



21 Comments on Democrats Bringing ‘Dreamers’ to State of The Union Address

  1. Please call ICE everyone to report this shit number is. 202-282-8000
    202-732-0192 202-732-0193 202-732-4242 I will be making the call with honor, this criminal illegal aliens can’t go to a federal building because this criminal are illegally in the USA.

  2. Let them in and have Trump usher in the ICE to perp walk them out on live TV along with those that brought them in..

    Lowlife scumbags, I have more respect for the illegals than the progressive filth that enables them.

  3. Timing is everything.
    First: let Trump address these illegal bastards with compassion on TV in his SotU speech, since *his* proposal is to offer a pathway for up to 1.8 million of them.

    Second: once the SotU is over and the TV cameras are off, let ICE harvest them on the way out.

  4. If Trump brought ICE agents to the State of the Union and had them arrest every illegal alien in the gallery, you could put his State of the Union on Pay-per-view and use the proceeds to pay down the national debt.

  5. President Trump is putting American victim’s families of Illegal Immigrants in the gallery. You can bet the Steinle family will be front and center sitting with Melania.

  6. Just regurgitating a standard Dem tactic in their limited playbook. Michelle had an illegal and a victim of gun violence at her side a few years ago. Trump should put the Angel families in the audience, have ICE there and read the FISA memo. Send it right back at them in spades.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. The come as Trump hating illegal immigrants and leave as Trump loving illegal immigrants.

  8. It can take a while to be sure ID isn’t fake. Best to collect entire groups – everybody who was allowed in because they were “invited” together. The few hours – depending on whose working those shifts may be days – in a communal pen with their MS13 storm troopers shouldn’t be a problem for any beloved, respected, fellow traveling, made xen of Congress.

  9. all Trump needs to do is look up to the gallery, mention that there are children of Illegal Aliens present, & state that he offered them a pathway to citizenship

    …. & the DemocRats slapped the offer down!

    then sit back & watch the heads explode

  10. If the Illegals in the balcony act up, America sees them for the animals they are.
    If the Illegals in the balcony are silent, Trump gets to show them “compassion” with his proposal, which the Dems have already rejected. Divide and conquer the enemy.

    Either way, it’s a win for Trump.

  11. Every illegal immigrant must be arrested tonite at the State of the Union. The Liberals must be stopped as they do not care at all for citizens of the United States. There are no Democrats anymore. Democrats of long ago cared about the United States citizens – legal citizens. Tonite, they should be arrested by ICE!

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