Democrats Concentrated In the Cities

A look at the electoral map for 2016 shows that today’s democrat is most likely a city dweller, leaving rural districts to republicans. This means most democrat politicians are going to take policy positions that appeal to urbanites and most likely further divide this nation along political lines.

See the 3D map that starkly shows the difference of where the two parties dwell,  Here

Nat Silver’s FiveThirtyEight speculates that it would take a huge backlash against the Republicans for the Democrats to ever win back control of the Senate, much less the House. Here 

20 Comments on Democrats Concentrated In the Cities

  1. Iv’e Always Thought of this as, Big City People Are Communal People ! As in Living a More Communist Lifestyle !
    Country or Nature People Choose to Live Independantly, With Personal Liberties !!!

  2. The cities are the best place for democRATs to sell their Hope & Change Snake Oil and they’ve been at it for over half a century on every election cycle in order to cultivate their voter base that is wholly dependent on government hand-outs and entitlements.
    Thar’s yer real slavery!

  3. And they the morons flood those cities with illegal aliens with all kinds of new diseases and TB.

    Can you give me a HELL YEAH! ROCK ON MORONS!!!!!

    Gonna need to have Snake Plisskin as an escort to vote in the future in those cities, LOL.

  4. I’m glad.

    Living in big cities is DEPRESSING. No lawn, shitty neighbors, noise, smog, illegal immigrants, crime, graffiti.

    You can have it. I’ll look at the clear blue sky on my own big property away from all that garbage.

    Enjoy your cosmopolitan snobby life libs!

  5. Me too SP, I am done with cities!!! Things I see often: 5-point bucks out my kitchen window, bears, rabbits, snakes, the milky way.

    I no longer hear gunshots, sit in traffic, watch TV, smell patchouli, tolerate idiots, or just gripe in general. Life offers many choices.

  6. They might have fancier (and much more expensive restaurants) and more arts (like crosses in urine), however, they are also death traps if we ever have another civil war, EMP, nuclear attack, civil unrest, zombie apocalypse, pandemic and so on.

    They are utterly dependent on stuff being shipped in to maintain the population density. Upset the apple cart and these city occupants who are untrained and interdependent will die by the millions.

  7. The people away from the cities tend to be able to provide for themselves, more reliable.

    The inner city is a concrete slave ship surrounded by constant noise. You are always dependent on someone else for the smallest things, sometimes it’s due to laziness or not having the knowledge to tackle things on your own. Less responsibilities = less skills.

    Then again, there are some Republicans who like Big city life and 24 hour excitement. LOL

    For me, I’d rather visit the city than live in it. I don’t want to deal with postage stamped size city dwellings. That’s why I like the desert. I can see the Las vegas ‘skyline’ in the distance from my house, and that’s still a little too close for me. 🙂

  8. As I read and agreed with the comments: ‘Yup. Uh huh. You got that right. Yup.’ Except for the “no-yards in cities” comment. I have yards and grass and so do another million in Dallas.

    I can only add that I would be OK with a meteor hitting Dallas. My kids and grand kids aren’t in Big D proper and the huge wipe out of lefties would be good for their future.

    I’d say I could live with that, but I wouldn’t. I’d be meteor mush.


    Look at the trends in transportation:

    Hybrid and electric vehicles will most likely become the norm instead of the exception in coming years. Currently, these vehicles conform to one of three drivetrain configurations: speed-governed, electric-then-conventional (ETC), and full electric. Speed-governed hybrids use only the electric drivetrain at speeds under 40 MPH, switching to conventional when higher speed is needed. ETC use only the electric drivetrain until the battery is depleted (usually within 50 miles), then switches to conventional. Full electric has no conventional engine at all, and has a range of 70 highway miles (using data for the Nissan Leaf, which is currently the only full electric affordable to most people).

    Notice how in each case, there is no benefit to anyone driving these vehicles who must travel any significant distance at any significant speed (i.e., rural drivers), but significant benefit to anyone making short, low-speed trips (i.e., urban drivers).

    I predict that over time, as conventionally-powered vehicles are slowly choked out, regulations in transportation will make it more difficult to live a rural lifestyle, forcing people into the cities — right where politicians want them.

  10. I can’t find it now, but our local paper recently ran a syndicated article that spoke of the “advantages” of living in a big city. Gangs and drive-by shootings, oddly, didn’t make the list…

  11. Suffering rat bites in your sleep and having half of your food stocks devoured by german cockroaches, rent prices and taxes keeping most of all your earnings and vicious criminals stealing from you because you’re “well off”. No thanks

  12. I am one of those Mr In Between, a suburbanite with a nice house on a quarter acre lot, in a small city, commuting a half hour to the big city for his daily job. Yes, I’d rather have a large farm lot far away from the madding crowd, but I work hard to make this my own little slice of paradise.

  13. Oh, and BTW, I and my neighbors are fairly independent. I am conservative and vote Republican (but that may change due to the recent actions of the GOPe RINOs against President Trump)

  14. One of the reasons that Democrats vote the way they do is because they do live in large cities. They cannot be self-reliant. They depend upon shipping goods in to their enclaves. All goods – food being the most critical. They depend upon government to ensure their own water is clean and the dirty water taken away. They depend upon police because they do not know who lives just down the block, or across the hallway in their apartment buildings. The democrats and the city dwellers are in a symbiotic relationship.

    They can’t understand us and our freedoms, and we can’t understand them and their agreement to “protectors”.

  15. More rats in cities than in the country, too.

    More disease.
    More murder.
    More rape.
    More robbery.
    More perversion.
    More child abuse.

    It isn’t population density which skews the statistics, because x in 100,000 has no density in the equation, so it must be the mindset of the denizens.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    izlamo delenda est …


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