Democrats Debate, Donald Trump Calls Game


MIAMI — Homeless vagrants wander the streets, beg for change, and sleep in storefronts surrounding the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts in downtown Miami. A massive billboard touts the February 2020 arrival of Hamilton, presented by Bank of America, another massive corporation going out of its way to embrace “woke capitalism” by cutting ties with immigrant detention centers and private prisons. Luxury hotels line the streets advertising bottomless mimosa brunches. A Ferrari dealership boasts its unattainable wares. Meanwhile, a stage full of presidential candidates (and one best-selling guru) compete to agree most forcefully with the premise that anyone who steps foot on American soil should be allowed to stay permanently, and be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care — the sorts of policies that have fueled an anti-establishment backlash throughout Europe. They spoke of an “existential threat” to the planet (climate change) that will require the implementation of policies that have sparked a popular revolt in France.

And people still can’t fathom how Donald Trump got elected.

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  1. President Trump just met Kim Jong Un at the Korean DMZ around 3:00 a.m. Eastern time. Mr. Trump also step into North Korea territory. A first for a U.S. President. The Democrat presidental candidates should just take their campaign kickbacks accumulated so far and just give up at this point – their lame brain socialist themed debates don’t matter now. The Demwit presidential nominee has no hope. They’ve been trumped – once again.

  2. Hahaah! You know all those Alinsky “rules” those idiots have been following? Well it looks to me like *someone* swapped ’em out — while no one was paying attention — for the instructions for how to assemble an IKEA PAX Wardrobe.

  3. It can’t be any wonder why the democrats are becoming increasingly more strident with positions lurching to the extremes. Every attack they mount is swatted away like a pestering fly. Each failure increases their frustration as their grip on reality drifts away. They are going mad in full view of the entire world as it laughs away.

  4. Trumps Maximus strides the world like Godzilla, a Titan crushing the globalist elite. He swats away their edifice of lies with the sweep of a hand and his mighty roars penetrate their hearts with fear and panic.

    The truth is the cowardice, weakness, and duplicity it requires to be a good little Marxist renders liberals impotent to stop a man as effective and capable as Trump.

    With a historic single step across the DMZ our President has destroyed the narrative of the neocons, never trumps, and Demonrats.

    A stoke of pure genius coming out of the G20 and a major coup/concession regarding China to allow little rocket man to participate and step into South Korea.

    We are winning, imagine how sublime the next four years will be.

  5. Its not the Russians, Chinese or Islamic State that is the treat to US survival, the real terrorists threatening the US are living within our borders, the go by the name Democrats! Be very very cautious of them!!

  6. Watching their Prozac overdosed one-upmanship driving
    them into ever nuttier announcments to tax and spend
    our country into their commie version of gulag heaven
    is like watching juvenile deliquent, rotten brats
    bragging how they are going to rob a candy store.

  7. The Democrats should expand on their free stuff theme by explaining how everything will be divided up and who gets what in what order.

    Who has priority for getting all that free stuff and gets it first if they get it at all?

    Look at Sweden with its serious housing shortage that makes finding a place to live so difficult and their (socialist) authorities,the ones that assign what is available, giving their “migrants” the highest priority for what is available with Swedish citizens coming in second when there s something left over to give to them.


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