Democrats dump climate change debate, recognizing how badly it will bomb with voters

American Thinker:

If you want to win an election, yelling about global warming and blaming air conditioners, cars, plastic straws, and jets — while jetting in to do it — is probably not the best way to sell it to voters.

So to the surprise of no one except the far leftists hollering about it, the Democratic Party’s leadership has decided to cancel a proposed presidential nomination debate on climate change, enraging the party’s extremists

“This decision is as baffling as it is alarming. Our planet is burning— the least we can do as a party is debate what to do about it,” [candidate Beto] O’Rourke said on Twitter following the vote.

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez claimed that, ahem, if they do a one-issue debate with one issue, they’ll be condemned to doing one-issue debates with all issues. And besides, he wouldn’t dream of “chang[ing] the rules in the middle of the process” he explained. According to a much-disappointedABC News report:

Democrats have shut the door to a presidential debate focused on climate change.

The proposal dominated the party’s convention this week in San Francisco and pitted party officials who oppose single-issue debates against activists, who see climate change as an existential threat that deserves special attention heading into the 2020 election.

On Thursday, the proposal failed in the Democratic National Committee’s resolutions committee, and on Saturday the DNC leadership delivered a final “no” vote.

We all know what was really going on here:

16 Comments on Democrats dump climate change debate, recognizing how badly it will bomb with voters

  1. D’rat message: “We’re not really radical radical nutjobs … we’re like moderate radical nutjobs … trust us!”

    “… if you like your life, you can keep your life”

  2. What kind of action movie would this make? Pathetic!
    Cory-Spartacus-Rock is faced with a dying planet out of control!
    He goes into action!
    Um, wait.
    This will bomb with voters?
    Well maybe no Spartacus-Rock action is required. Lets go have kale smoothies instead.

  3. THat’s a shame.

    Still the party is on record. Every single nut running for the Dem spot is on the record for wanting the Green New Deal.

    When the time comes the Meme world will not let the voters forget that the nut is for the Green Deal.

  4. Best proof ever that the Democrats have no genuine interest is any particular policy. Their thing is just getting elected and amassing power.

  5. The Obama’s just bought a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vine Yard. A few feet above present sea level. Guess the oceans ain’t gonna rise after all. Just sayin’

  6. If democrats wanted to run on something that works and doesn’t scare, they would have disavowed antifa long ago. Along with everything else that falls under the guise of Love and Tolerance.

  7. Yeah, well, I’m still an old white guy, and they’ll never convince me that suddenly they’re ok with me continuing to live my life.

    FOAD, leftists.

  8. Trump mneeds to turn this up to eeleven to remind people that this is the kind of shit Radical Liberal democRATs tried to decive and bilk the nation with!!

  9. I laughed when hearing of the Obama’s new purchase on Martha’s Vineyard. Before too long they’ll realize that nobody there wants anything to do with them except when they want to use them for some virtue signal. The leftists who infest that island don’t want “colored’s” living among them and the Obama’s are in for a rude awakening. They’ll grow paranoid with all the whispers, finger pointing and muffled laughter while dining out and shopping etc.
    It may finally occur to them that they were never anything but a prop for political pretenses. Haha

  10. Gin,

    Especially when They mix with the Neighbors for the first time…

    and it exposes the 0webama’s absolutely stunning stupidity.

    I guess Barry can smooth things over with the call to prayer on

    loud speakers in the Parapets .

  11. @Mod Tom

    You forgot that Obama has the power to calm and lower the seas. He told us that in 2008 while campaigning.

  12. They new Michael Mann lost his court case and didn’t want anything to bring attention to the Chief Priest of Climastrology being proven to be a fraud.


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