Democrats Feeling the Heat from Government Dependents

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If you’ve noticed the democrats being a bit more worried about the baby formula shortage crisis, there’s a good reason for that.  Baby formula is very expensive for the working family.  Subsidizing low-income parents with free infant formula has been dependency initiative for the democrats for a long time.

It’s not just the regular store-bought formula that is in extremely short supply, the government groups and NGO’s that provide the free formula are also out of stock.   The free formula dependency crowd is far madder than the paying purchaser, that spells trouble for democrats. More

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  1. Those that feed on the Government tit will be the first to rebel. That has been the downfall of most Marxist empires, and now that we are one, the end is near.

  2. The democrats will just say the GOP and Trump are responsible and the dumbass fucking niggers will believe it.

  3. Democrats, you didn’t think creating generations of dependance on government wouldn’t have a downside, did you? I’m wondering if the unintended consequence for them is going to be worse the longer this has been allowed to fester. I guess we’ll find out this summer.

  4. @ Phil Swill

    “Those that feed on the Government tit will be the first to rebel.”

    Or they’ll be the first ones into the boxcars. At least they’ll be easy to load. Just tell them the free stuff is inside.

  5. And I was in line at the grocery store when this obese woman pulled out her EBT card to pay for the $300 food bill. She had steaks and seafood that ran it up. As I was leaving the store I saw her in the handicap parking spot loading her late model Escalade.

  6. Nobody but my mother helped me buy Simulac when my baby proved to be allergic.

    Ahd that shit was expensive, too.

  7. CUT OFF! All welfare. You pick up cigarette butts and cut weeds for 8 hours a day and then you get 1 plate of food period. ^^^^ as stated above. You cut off the EBT card and you will see riots that will dwarf Ferguson,Minn.,Watts,Travon,Michael Brown and Liberty city combined !

  8. If republican’ts in Congress were smart (which they aren’t, or don’t GAF) they would be shouting from the roof tops to the WIC dependents and other democrat voters about the Biden Baby Formula Shortage

  9. Just wait til the millions of freeloaders biden is welcoming into our country start having kids..

    This really seems like treason to me.

  10. WIC you still get at the grocery store. I’ve stood in line behind many getting WIC, it used to be a voucher. Now I think it’s a card, but they get what is on their WIC. It’s annoying as hell when they get some brand or type not approved on WIC, with kids off the bottle they get milk, cheese, bread, juice and cereal.

  11. @Dr. Tar May 14, 2022 at 6:26 pm

    > Democrats, you didn’t think creating generations of dependance on government wouldn’t have a downside, did you?

    But, it’s good for MeEeEeEe.

  12. Been saying for a long time; “Local, local, local” also means that’s where the threat will come from, since once the EBT crowd runs out of stores to loot & destroy in their own urban areas, suburbia will be next.
    And on up your nearest local interstate.

  13. Lower ranks in the military with dependents use WIC a lot . I know my wife and I did . Even with COLA , baq , vha , etc… hard to make it on E1-E3 pay . Got milk , beans, some cereals , peanut butter , my wife had it separated at the check out to speed up the line . That was years ago .


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