Democrats Go Nasty on Tuberville in First Minutes of Alabama Senate Race

PJ Media: The Alabama senate race between incumbent Democrat Doug Jones and just-nominated Republican Tommy Tuberville is going to be an almost-unprecedented bruiser if the state Democratic party’s Tuesday night tweetstorm is anything to go by.

With a big endorsement and push from President Donald Trump, Tuberville handily beat former Alabama senator Jeff Sessions in the GOP primary on Tuesday.

But if the former Auburn University head football coach was hoping for a little rest before the campaign season begins in earnest this fall, last night was a huge wakeup call.

Practically minutes after Tuberville was declared the winner, the Alabama Democrats’ Twitter account launched the nastiest barrage I can recall ever seeing from an official party feed. MORE

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  1. I never heard of him – but if the nihilistic totalitarians hate him, he must be OK.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. As I wrote when I saw a Jones ad on Fb, “I’ll never vote for that Schumer lackey”. Its going to get nasty as that is all the dhims have. will be all in for Jones.

  3. The Dems are pulling all the stops out all over the country. Here in Maine the GOP turned in 10,000 more signatures on petitions to get repeal Ranked Choice Voting on the November ballot. The total snake of a Sec. of State Matt Dunlap claims 11,000 of them are invalid to bring the number of valid signatures to just about 1,000 fewer than needed. The City Clerks validate all signatures before sending them to him. He is a lying snake.
    Gideon is running against Collins, (the only R representing New England in DC – sad) and she is bought and paid for by G. Soros and they have no problems lying and cheating.
    This stuff is going on all over the country and the media are complicit.
    We need to believe God will honor our prayers and do something.

  4. What Lowell said. And most people don’t give a shit about “Inside Football” sniping. Okay, maybe the thirty guys who wake up on Sunday morning to hear the AM radio blather about Saturday’s game. The Dems cannot afford to lose this seat, and they are running scared.

  5. One response in those threads:

    Ashton Kemerling
    Replying to
    My family members keep trying to argue that Biden’s senile (Face with rolling eyes), and I couldn’t care less if he was so long as he just picked people who aren’t visible insane or corrupt to run various admins.<<

    Un freaking real.

  6. Binary solution set. A vote for anyone who belongs to the
    socialists party of baby murderers is a vote FOR evil.
    A vote for the opposition fighting against infanticide and socialism is a vote AGAINST evil.

  7. Jones had ACTUAL Russians working for him to place false ads on Facebook at the same time they were going on about Trump colluding with Russians. idiots.


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